This Brietbart story reveals that retired General Jack Ham, the man who was in command in Libya on the day of the Benghazi massacre on September 11, 2012 will testify before a Congressional Committee on June 26th.

General Carter Ham, US Army (Retired)

Gen. Ham was the Commander of the Africom command that should have responded to the attack at the consulate in Benghazi. He was or was not relieved of his command that day, after making preparations for an immediate rescue mission and retired from the military almost immediately thereafter. Gen, Ham was one of two theater commanders who were disciplined or retired in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attack. Rear Admiral   Gaouette is the other commander. He was relieved of his command and rumored to have been in “mutiny” against the President. Neither of these men has spoken since that day. With Gen. Ham’s scheduled testimony on the 26th that all may be changing, at last!

Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, US Navy

Admiral Gaouette has been the subject of numerous rumors and psuedo allegations about his conduct of his command. He was finally “reprimanded” for his alleged actions and speech after being summarily relieved of his command on that fateful day. The Russians have even run a story that he “mutinied”. We have reported in detail all known facts and events. Here is a complete list of what we have reported to date. Read for yourself the details known thus far about the actions of Gen. Ham and Adm. Gaouette.

The President, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America is our highest authority, with one exception: the American people for whom President Obama works and who elected him President. His authority is also limited by the rule of law. No one is above the law and all Americans, even the President, are subject to the law.

The truth about what did and did not happen at Benghazi; the truth about what President Obama did and did not do, say and order; the truth about the actions of those in the Obama Administration and the military both on September 11, 2012 and the ten months that have elapsed since; all are too little known and very little that is reliable and truthful has been revealed. Now, it is time for that to end. With the testimony of Gen. Ham, the American people can learn what took place that day. Hopefully, that will lead to a full inquiry into the actions of all those responsible, including our President.

The American people do not know the truth; the families of those slain do not know what happened or why their son’s died; the diplomatic and military communities do not know what their fate will be if they are ever put in harms way by our government. Let us all pray that this sad chapter in American military and diplomatic history will finally come to an end.

Those we elect; those we appoint and those to whom we delegate military and diplomatic authority are all subject to two ultimate authorities: the rule of law and the American people. The Commander in Chief is the highest authority in civil and military matters. Nevertheless, the President is subject to the rule of law and to the people of the United States who elected him. With the hearings on June 26th and any thereafter, those authorities will finally, for the first time, be in possession of facts and have the ability to judge the actions and inactions of those in charge that day and the days since then. It is about time!

Stay tuned. When there is more, we will bring it to you.


As we promised our readers, despite our health issues that prevent us from daily posts, An Excellent Spirit has carefully followed the various scandals that are plaguing the Obama Administration:

Benghazi- What was Ambassador Stevens really doing and what really happened on September 11, 2012 in Libya. Was there a cover up of what was done or what was not done? Where was the President on that fateful day? Why were our troops told to “stand down” and let four Americans die? What happened to General Jack Ham and Admiral Gaouette on that day/night? Who made these decisions? WHY?

An Excellent Spirit has previously provided extensive coverage of Benghazi. We invite you to review that here.

PJ Media’s Roger L. Simon

The latest stories come from PJ Media and its head man, Roger L. Simon here and here: Then there is the IRS Investigation and actions against Conservative (Christian) groups applying for or having tax exempt status.  Here are a sample of the many stories coming out that indicate this was a conscious strategy of the Obama Administration. Here and here  This story reveals the extent to which the IRS went with its questions.  Who instituted or approved these actions? Clearly, with the “testimony” of Ms. Lerner, we can presume that the activities were criminal and were NOT the independent actions of a few low level employees of the IRS in Cincinnati, Ohio. Why has a total black out of this Cincinnati office occurred?  Moreover, it would seem a systematic attempt was made to insulate the President from these actions. Why? That brings us to that question: What did the President know and when did the President know it?

Perhaps the most glaring is The Associated Press/Fox News illegal investigation by US Justice Department subpoenas. The role of US Attorney General Eric Holder and others in all this is beginning to come out. Holder, we now know, signed the affidavit that was presented to a judge for these illegal subpoenas. This is huge!  Read about it here. But that is not all! This story in PJ Tatler is more than enough reason for the Attorney General to immediately resign and submit himself to the questions of the yet to be appointed Joint Congressional Committee.  Eric Holder, if the facts presented in the PJ Tatler story are true, has committed perjury, lied to Congress while under oath to tell the truth and that is only the beginning.

This is really funny! If we both keep our mouths shut, they will never know the truth! About anything!

Then there is the Fast & Furious Investigation, the intentionally withholding facts and truth due to an upcoming Election (remember Nixon and Watergate?) and the actions of Secretary Sibelius and others in ramming Obamacare down the throats of Americans. There are more issues/scandals that we do and do not know of, but the above recitation is surely enough to get all this off the front pages of the lamestream media that will go to absurd lengths to protect Obama and the “progressive” rule of a Middle/Right America, silent no longer majority and on to the agenda of a Special Congressional Committee!

LIARS are an affront to the American people and to GOD!

It is time for all Americans to become informed! It is time all Americans stood up and speak out on all these atrocities our government has committed against ALL Americans and the US Constitution that protects us from such criminal activities as illegal search and seizure of AP/Fox records, IRS intrusion into the tax exempt status of organizations and the resulting harm to ALL Americans and the rest of the growing litany of excesses of an out of control Obama Administration.

The last time this occurred in America it was during the Right reign of Richard Milhous Nixon. We had a Left/Progressive, anti-Nixon media. They did their job and, despite their obvious relish at Nixon’s fall, they did their job well. They saw to it that the truth came out and people who deserved it went to jail. Sadly, that is NOT the case today! We have a far Left President and a far Left, lamestream media. They have proven that they will not do the job of holding the Obama Administration to the fire and cause the whole truth to come out on even one of these scandals, much less five or more. We cannot trust them or anyone else. We must get the truth and the only way that can happen is if we demand that those who we have elected to represent us, the US Senators and US Representatives, the House and Senate convene a special investigative committee to protect our right to know the whole truth about everything done in our names.

Hillary Clinton at Watergate when she was fired for her actions and Hillary today when she should be fired and indicted for her actions and the cover up!

To everything there is a season. A time for understanding and a time for truth. This is such a time! The time is NOW!

FULL DISCLOSURE: In case it has escaped you, we are unabashed followers of PJ Media, PJ Tatler, Brietbart other sources of information and opinion that comes from a more Right and less Left perspective. That is our “bent” but it is also what we must do to get an even close to balanced viewpoint, with the massive and unsupportable Left, “Progressive” bias of the lamestream media. We have posted previously on these and other sources of information. We highly recommend our readers review that post here.

Stay tuned, America! An Excellent Spirit will keep you informed and up to date. God bless America!

This Shocking Update on Libya Begins to Explain a Lot

 An Excellent Spirit has learned from several sources that President Obama or his National Security team at the White House knew as the Libyan attacks were going on that they were not “spontaneous”, nor the result of a so-called anti-Muslim film. This NewsMax article, among others, tells a much different story. NewsMax, picking up on a Fox News report says “An urgent request from CIA personnel to be allowed to go to the aid of the U.S. Consulate in Libya during the Sept. 11 attack was denied by U.S. officials, despite the fact that the team, which included at least one Navy SEAL, was only one mile away. The officials twice told CIA officers to “stand down” rather than help the Americans when shots were heard in Benghazi. Fox News reports that sources on the ground said that former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team at a CIA annex near the consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. Stevens and three other Americans died in the attack.”

The CIA rescue team from the CIA annex evacuated those who remained at the Benghazi consulate, including the body of Sean Smith, the Foreign Service Information Management Officer who had been killed in the initial attack. The rescue team could not find Stevens, returning to the CIA annex at about midnight, Fox reports. At that point, the CIA team called again for military support and help, because shots were being fired where they were at the annex. The request was denied, Fox reports”. Then it gets worse. “The network says there were no communications problems at the annex, according to those present at the compound. There was continuous radio contact between the team and headquarters, with at least one member of the CIA team on the roof of the annex with a heavy machine gun when mortars were fired at the CIA compound. The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up from a Spectre gunship, Fox reports. The gunship is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to support Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours, which provided enough time for planes based in Sigonella Air base on the Italian island of Sicily — about 480 miles away — to arrive. Two separate Tier One Special operations forces also were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators, Fox reports. “This chain of events apparently counters remarks from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday, who told reporters at the Pentagon that U.S. officials lacked a clear picture of what was occurring on the ground in Benghazi to send help……. U.S. officials have said that there was a period of several hours when the fighting stopped before the mortars were fired at the annex, leading officials to believe the attack was over.”

Brietbart has this chilling report on the failure to authorize any rescue of the Americans in Libya: “Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus has emphatically denied that he or anyone else at the CIA refused assistance to the former Navy SEALs who requested it three times as terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on the night of Sep. 11. The Weekly Standard and ABC News report that Petraeus’s denial effectively implicates President Barack Obama, since a refusal to assist “would have been a presidential decision.” An Excellent Spirit has reported, before other outlets, that the Benghazi consulate was more than a simple consular site. It housed massive numbers of sophisticated and lethal weapons that once belonged to deposed Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi and were captured by Americans to keep them away from Islamists. We have posted that “Frank J. Gaffney had revealed that the Obama Administration had engaged in “gunwalking” weapons captured or discovered after the death of dictator Gadaffi. Apparently, Chris Stevens and four Americans were murdered because Islamists wanted weapons that were stored on the Benghazi site by Americans for transfer to terrorists we deemed worthy and the whole thing came undone, tragically.” We are starting to wonder if it is not all part of the same sad story: The central reason for everything; for all the lies, refusals to rescue our people, the incredible revelations that Ambassador Susan Rice lied on five Sunday television appearances; for all of it is the same: The President, the CIA, the National Security Team at the White House all knew about the weapons that were stored at the Benghazi site and also knew that those weapons were the reason for the attack. They understood that the attacks were successful and the terrorist attackers were in possession of those weapons and that it would take an enormous force to overcome the attackers, now in possession of weapons that could repel any counter attack.

That is what makes it all come together. It explains why Stevens was there in Benghazi, why his last official act was to meet with a Turkish representative within yards of the stored armory, why the CIA refused to send rescuers and why no one in the White House was allowed to tell the American people the truth: 4 Americans died in Libya because they were there to collect, store and transfer enormous caches of weapons of mass destruction held by the US at our consulate in Benghazi under the authority of Ambassador Stevens so he could negotiate their transfer to, among others, al Qaeda allied groups in the Middle East, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. That is what the Libyan ship mentioned in our previous report was doing there. That is why the Turkish representative met Stevens at Benghazi. That is why no one was sent to rescue our people from attackers who had control of enough weapons to hold off an army. That is why no one at the White House, who had minute by minute, real time information, ever told the American people the truth. The truth is much worse than the lies. If the American people ever get the whole truth and it is anything like what we have seen to date, President Obama and his people (Axelrod, Jarrett, et al.) know their re-election is toast!

In the Watergate aftermath, people asked “what did the President know and when did he know it?” The same questions must be asked now! The American people are a forgiving people, but they will not tolerate being intentionally lied to by people they elected to tell them the truth! The cover up is always worse than what happened and the truth, in hindsight, will always be better than the scandal that follows. It is sad that “we” have to go through all this again. Still, it is preferable to keeping liars and really venal and stupid people in charge of our country. Stay tuned. An Excellent Spirit will bring it all to you. Pray for America! And, VOTE on November 6th! If “we” do not take our country back to God, “we” may lose it forever!

Benghazi Update: Even Lamestream Media Says Obama Lied

Brietbart has this story about the now infamous President Obama 60 Minutes appearance and the questions put to the President by Steve Croft that night.  “CBS News has released a clip of an interview by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes on Sep. 12 with President Barack Obama that indicates Obama knew the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a premeditated terror attack–and suggests the White House later deceived the public by blaming protests against an anti-Islam video. 

The Lamestream media bias for the President is proven by the fact that CBS chose not to air the clip for over a month–but did air Obama’s attack on Romney that same night. “Obama told Kroft that the attack in Benghazi was different from the violent protest at the U.S. embassy in Cairo: ‘You’re right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in Egypt, and my suspicion is, is that there are folks involved in this who were looking to target Americans from the start.’ Obama’s remarks pointed towards a premeditated attack, in contrast to the story the White House went on to tell for weeks. CBS chose not to air that portion of the interview with President Obama–not even in the days and weeks that followed, when it was highly relevant–first to the question of the nature of the Benghazi attack, then to the question of whether the president had in fact called it an act of terror from the start.” According to Fox News, the clip first appeared online on Oct. 19. It was embedded Oct. 24 in an article by CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson. What CBS chose to air, instead, was President Obama’s attack on his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, who had criticized the administration’s apologetic response to the Cairo demonstration. Obama said Romney “seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later.” That portion of the interview aired immediately, and drove the news for days. Obama’s comment suggesting that the attack had been premeditated was not aired.”

During an interview shown on Comedy Central, Obama responded to a question about his administration’s confused communication after the assault by saying: ‘If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.’

Brietbart’s story continues, “Attkisson revealed this week that “emails linking an Al Qaeda affiliate to the Benghazi attack had been sent to the White House Situation Room just over two hours after the attack had begun. The emails suggest that the Obama administration knew from the outset that the Benghazi attack had been a terrorist attack–and that it knowingly misled the public when it repeatedly claimed there was no evidence of terrorist involvement. When the video story unraveled, the White House tried to argue that President Obama had called the Benghazi attack an act of terror all along. In the second presidential debate, the President famously pointed to his Sep. 12 statement in the Rose Garden as proof, though his reference to “acts of terror” on that occasion had been general and not specific to the Benghazi attack, which he implied had been provoked by the video. The new CBS footage suggests that Obama did, in fact, describe the Benghazi attacks as premeditated terrorism–not in the Rose Garden but in the White House itself, in a portion of an interview that did not air until more than a month later. During that time, both CBS and Obama could have referred to the interview, but did not–likely because doing so would have vindicated Obama at the cost of exposing his subsequent deceit.”

The Brietbart story lays the responsibility at the hands of President Obama and the Lamestream media. “The fact that CBS refrained from publishing the critical clip from the interview widens the political scandal surrounding Benghazi into a media scandal.”  Even some members of the media are beginning to air the truth. “National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson criticized CBS on Fox News Special Report yesterday, saying that CBS ought to have made the entire interview with Obama available immediately, in the public interest. Together with the president, CBS has much to explain.”

Don’t hold your breath, America. The strategy that seemed to get Nixon in 1974 is clearly at play here: Tell them nothing until after we are re-elected. It got Nixon impeached and he had to resign, because that strategy can only be implemented by a massive cover up. It is beginning to look like the cover up is in full swing here. The familiar echoes of “what did the President know and when did he know it” have begun. Sadly, “we” have to make up our minds about who our next President without knowing what “they” knew. Stay tuned.  

Benghazi Bombshell – Watergate on Steroids?

An Excellent Spirit has reported on the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at the Embassy in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th.  Here  We did so thinking we were seeing gross incompetence and a major cover up by the Obama Administration to avoid any responsibility, at least until Election Day. Now, it seems, we might have been wrong.

The complicity of the lamestream media plays right into the shocking revelations that the Obama Administration might have been engaged in “gunwalking” huge amounts of weapons left behind by assassinated Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi. This Jewish World Review expose by Frank J. Gaffney reveals facts and details that pose many questions that must be answered. Gaffney makes statements and raises questions that, if proven true, will go far beyond a simple 1972 Washington burglary that brought down a President. Gaffney writes, “the mystery is beginning to unravel with regard to what happened that night and the reason for the subsequent, clumsy official cover-up now known as Benghazigate.”

Gaffney, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Reagan Administration, heads the Center for Security Policy. He is acknowledged expert on weapons, arms control and international security. His article could set off a scandal that could end the Obama Presidency, win or lose the November Election. “The evidence suggests that the Obama administration has not simply been engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East. Starting in March 2011, when American diplomat J. Christopher Stevens was designated the liaison to the “opposition” in Libya, the Obama administration has been arming them, including jihadists like Abdelhakim Belhadj, leader of the al Qaeda franchise known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”

The article explains what were once curious questions, such as why was Ambassador Stevens in terribly unsecure Benghazi without adequate security on the anniversary of the September 11th attack? “Once Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown, Stevens was appointed ambassador to the new Libya run by Mr. Belhadj and his friends. Not surprisingly, one of the most important priorities for someone in that position would be to try to find and secure the immense amount of armaments that had been cached by the dictator around the country and systematically looted during and after the revolution. One of the places in Libya most awash with such weapons in the most dangerous of hands is Benghazi. It now appears that Stevens was there — on a particularly risky day, with no security to speak of and despite now copiously documented concerns about his own safety and that of his subordinates — for another priority mission: sending arms recovered from the former regime’s stocks to the “opposition” in Syria. As in Libya, the insurgents are known to include al Qaeda and other Shariah-supremacist groups, including none other than Abdelhakim Belhadj.”

Gaffney’s article also mentions the munitions humanitarian assistance ship seen on American television reports, the Al Entisar, a Libyan-flagged vessel carrying 400 tons of cargo that docked on Sept. 6 in the Turkish port of Iskenderun. It was reported the ship had quantities of arms, including deadly SA-7 man-portable surface-to-air missiles that apparently were intended for Islamists, including al Qaeda elements, in Syria. Gaffney then makes this startling accusation: “What cries out for further investigation — and debate in the remaining days of this presidential election — is whether this shipment was part of a larger covert Obama effort to transfer weapons to our enemies that could make the Iran-Contra scandal, to say nothing of Operation Fast and Furious, pale by comparison?”

The Article continues by reporting that a “credible investigative journalist” (Aaron Klein) is reporting that the “consulate in Benghazi” actually was no such thing. He reports that the Benghazi compound where the murderous attack on Stevens and his colleagues was launched, was not really what our government has termed a “mission.” Klein describes the building as a “‘shabby, nondescript building’ that lacked any ‘major public security presence’ and was, according to an unnamed Middle Eastern security official, ‘routinely used by Stevens and others to coordinate with the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari governments on supporting the insurgencies in the Middle East, most prominently the rebels opposing Assad’s regime in Syria.’” The article continues, “We know that Stevens’ last official act was to hold such a meeting with an unidentified “Turkish diplomat.” Presumably, the conversation involved additional arms shipments to al Qaeda and its allies in Syria. It also may have involved getting more jihadi fighters there. After all, Mr. Klein reported last month that, according to sources in Egyptian security, our ambassador was playing a “central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.”

It gets worse. Last week, Center for Security Policy senior fellow and former career CIA officer Clare Lopez observed that “there were two large warehouse-type buildings associated with the so-called ‘consulate’ whose purpose has yet to be disclosed. As their contents were raided in the course of the attack, we may never know for sure whether they housed — and were known by the local jihadis to house — arms, perhaps administered by the two former Navy SEALs killed along with Stevens. What we do know is that the New York Times — one of the most slavishly pro-Obama publications in the country — reported in an Oct. 14 article, ‘Most of the arms shipped at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to supply Syrian rebel groups fighting the government of Bashar Assad are going to hard-line Islamic jihadists, and not the more secular opposition groups that the West wants to bolster.” Gaffney’s next statement is astonishing. “In short, it seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale. The effect has been to equip America’s enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our allies as well. That would explain his administration’s desperate and now failing bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazigate.” 

Frank Gaffney has provided a lot of information. It is up to “us” to watch, carefully, and pray and to demand the whole truth about all this, before “we” vote!


Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s Libya Lies

When an article starts out “Almost everything we have been told about Libya over the last two years is untrue”, the reader knows that it will not be a fluff piece. When the author of the Jewish World Review article is Victor Davis Hanson, the reader knows that facts and reason will in all probability support the premise fully.

Professor Hanson points to the US and our ally’s accomplishment as “ proof of President Obama’s enlightened reset Middle East policy.”After all, “when insurgency broke out there, the United States joined France and Great Britain in bombing Muammar Gadhafi out of power — and supposedly empowering a democratic Arab Spring. Not a single American life was lost.” This, we were told was a great example of President Obama’s mythical foreign policy mojo. “Obama’s June 2009 Cairo speech had praised Islam and apologized for the West. A new “lead from behind” multilateralism was said to have superseded George W. Bush’s neo-imperialist interventions of the past.” The Nobel Peace Prize was being polished for a second rendition. Obama’s mixed-racial identity and his father’s Muslim heritage would also win over the hearts and minds of Libyans after the Gadhafi nightmare. During this summer’s Democratic convention, Obama supporters trumpeted the successes of his Middle East policy: Osama bin Laden dead, al-Qaeda defanged and Arab Spring reformers in place of dictators.”

Hanson then brilliantly takes us the rest of the way to the Benghazi massacre and the aftermath whereby President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the rest of the gang that can’t shoot anything or anyone without a movie maker on site, totally lost the American public less than two months before the Election. “To keep that shining message viable until the November election, the Obama administration and the media had been willing to overlook or mischaracterize all sorts of disturbing events.” Libya had not been as much liberated as it was descending into the chaos of tribal payback. “Islamists began consolidating power, desecrating a British military cemetery and driving out Westerners.” On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, “a radical Islamist hit team with heavy weapons stormed the American consulate in Benghazi, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.”  

“In response, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, National Intelligence Director James Clapper and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice desperately insisted that the murders were a one-time, ad hoc demonstration gone awry, without much larger significance. Supposedly, a few Muslim outliers — inflamed over one American’s anti-Islamic Internet video — had overreacted and stormed the consulate. Such anger was “natural,” assured the president.” 

The rest of the world, especially the Muslim extremist world, sat in disbelief. After 9-11-01, the world and those who perpetrated the heinous acts knew that we knew and were coming to avenge what had been done to America. The Obama Administration, to everyone but the lamestream media’s consternation said the furor was over an obscure, months-old Internet video just happen to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary attack. No one asked, “do demonstrators customarily bring along rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and heavy machine guns? No one replied when the Libyan government attribute the killings to an al-Qaeda affiliate when the Obama administration clearly rejected that cause. “ For most of September, desperate administration officials still clung to the myth that the Libyan catastrophe was a result of a single obnoxious video. At the United Nations, the president castigated the uncouth film. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lamented the senseless spontaneous violence that grew out of one American’s excesses, as she spoke beside the returning coffins of the slain Americans. The problem with lies is they make the liars look bad. In this case, the ones taking the heat were lower lever, civil servants who work in the State Department and on the National Security team that every President relies upon. The American people may not know about these people but the lamestream media and almost anyone who has ever worked in Washington know them well. We also know they are proud and dedicated workers who do not like it when a President lies and they are getting fitted for the role of villain. The result, as An Excellent Spirit pointed out on several posts, days ago, is that leaks, systematic releases of emails and other communications and conversations begin to hit the public. The Administration in power is on the way to misery when that occurs. Daily, “more disturbing facts kept emerging: Ambassador Stevens repeatedly had warned his State Department superiors in vain of impending Islamist violence. Security personnel — to no avail- had also urged beefing up the protection of the consulate, prompting former regional security officer Eric Nordstrom to say in exasperation that “the Taliban is on the inside of the building.” Video of the attack revealed that there had been no demonstration at all, but rather a full-fledged terrorist assault.” Then the Administration did something that is characteristic of an administration that has confidence that it will not be called to task by an adoring, even willing to cheat and mis-report the “news” to “us”. Even as the fantasy of a spur-of-the-moment demonstration dissipated, administration officials tried to salvage it — and with it their idealistic policy in the Middle East. Vice President Joe Biden told a flat-out whopper in last week’s debate, saying the administration hadn’t been informed that Americans in Libya had ever requested more security. He scapegoated the intelligence agencies for supposedly failing to warn the administration of the threat. 

That really did it. The Obama Administration was telling Americans that it was not only the fault of one video, “but the intelligence community for misleading them about the threat of an al-Qaeda hit on an American consulate — and the Romney campaign for demanding answers about a slain ambassador and his associates. Meanwhile, the State Department, the Obama re-election team and the intelligence community were all pointing fingers at each other.” That was the beginning of the end.”

Professor Hanson in his inimitable powers of reasoning, concludes, “What the Obama administration could not concede was the truth: The lead-from-behind intervention in Libya had proved a blueprint for nothing. Libya has descended into chaos. Radical Islam had either subverted or hijacked the Arab Spring. Al-Qaeda was not dismantled by the death of bin Laden or by the stepped-up drone assassination missions in Pakistan. Egypt was becoming Islamist; Syria was a bloody mess. Iran was on the way to becoming nuclear. Obama had won America no more good will in the Middle East than had prior presidents. In other words, the administration’s entire experience in Libya — and in most of the Middle East in general — has been a bright and shining lie. Game over. America loses! Lives, Respect, Credibility, Money and Influence to meet the still daunting challenges of Iran, Israel and a nuclear Middle East exploding in our face!” Emphasis ours. 

Victor Davis Hanson has once again told the unvarnished truth in a way that any American can understand and take hold of it. Now it is “our” turn to deal with the perfidy, mendacity and incompetence. On November 6th. The foreign policy debate next Monday, October 22nd should be a donnybrook of gigantic proportions if “we” can somehow get the lame stream media out of the way to get enough unvarnished, unsung facts and truth. We will see and An Excellent Spirit will bring it all to you. Stay tuned

America Watched The Debate And “We” Don’t Like “Them”!

An Excellent Spirit knows that just as many Americans watched this debate as the first one. The Los Angeles Times had this late report that included the west coast viewers. “Television viewers appeared hungry to watch the second matchup between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, with an estimated 65.6 million people tuning in to watch Tuesday night’s debate between the two men at Hofstra University, according to Nielsen. That was just a 2% dip from the 67.2 million who watched the first debate on Oct. 3. The biggest drop-off was among television viewers ages 18 to 34, with 837,000 fewer tuning into the second debate, according to Nielsen. But the ratings do not take into account online streaming.”

The debate probably changed few minds. What the performance did was to outrage those who watched the lamestream media moderator insert herself into the debate at a key moment in a clear attempt to assist the faltering President on the Libyan crises. CNN’s Candy Crowley astonished most media watchers when she weighed in on a question in clear support of President Obama and managed to silence an astonished Mitt Romney. Brietbart had this and more about Crowley’s prejudicial moderation. “The infamous incident when she interrupted Romney’s claim about Obama’s refusal to call the Benghazi murders a terror attack: “It – it – it – he did in fact, sir. So let me – let me call it an act of terror… Prompted by Obama to say it a little louder, Crowley obliged: He – he did call it an act of terror. It did as well take – it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. You are correct about that.” Read the whole thing here. As the story points out, the immoderate moderator Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times and Obama only nine times. “No one told Mitt Romney that he would be the lone Republican taking part in a three-way debate on Tuesday night; but, not altogether unpredictably, that’s the way it turned out. According to debate moderator and part-time participant Candy Crowley, it was “instinct” that forced her to intercede on Obama’s behalf during the somewhat rancorous discussion of the Benghazi murder of Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans. When Romney stated quite correctly that it took the Obama Administration 14 days to call the Benghazi killings a terror attack, Obama protested, and Crowley immediately came to his rescue, saying to Romney “he did, in fact, Sir (call it an act of terror,)”  referring to a statement given by the president the day after the killings.” Crowley did her best to embarrass Romney and treated him worse than any debate moderator in history. “When Romney was trying to make a point of Obama’s pension investing in China, Crowley cut him off by insinuating people were tired of him talking: “Governor Romney, you can make it short. See all these people? They’ve been waiting for you.  Make it short.” Then she really tried to humiliate him with this: “If I could have you sit down, Governor Romney. Thank you.” She never asked Obama to sit down.”Brietbart and many other alternative media outlets have punctured the lamestream media’s attempt to throw the debate to the faltering President. “***UPDATE: After the debate, Anderson Cooper was the first member of the CNN post debate group to question whether or not Romney really got the Libya issue wrong. They then brought Crowley on and after all the damage she had done during the debate, she finally admitted that Romney was “right” but “picked the wrong word.” Romney “picked the wrong word!” And for that sin the referee ran onto the field and tackled the other guy! This is a scandal; a total and complete media scandal committed by a woman who promised to violate her contract and to insert herself into the debate. All she did for weeks was brag about how she intended to grab the spotlight — and boy did she ever. Absolutely disgraceful. 

The second presidential debate is over, but “it was apparent 45 minutes in that between the questions Crowley chose and her handling of who was allowed to speak and when, that this debate was a total and complete setup to rehabilitate Barack Obama. If these are truly undecided voters, they’re apparently undecided between Obama and the Green Party. Moreover, as I write this, Obama’s already enjoyed four more minutes of speaking time than Romney. In a ninety-minute debate, that’s a big deal. The lowest and most dishonest part of Crowley’s disgraceful “moderation” was when she actually jumped into the debate to take Obama’s side when the issue of Benghazi came up. To cover for his and his administration’s lying for almost two weeks about the attack coming as the result of a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video, Obama attempted to use as cover the claim that he had called the attack a “terrorist attack” on that very first day during his Rose Garden statement. Romney correctly disputed that. Crowley, quite incorrectly, took Obama’s side and the crowd exploded.” Clearly, those at the debate and those of “us” who watched were offended.  The crowd is “us” and “we” did not like what “we” saw last night. The lamestream media merely gave “us” another reason to show up and throw “them” out on November 6th. We don’t have to wait that long in CNN’s case. We can and should stop watching CNN. “They” have shown their true colors and those colors are not red, white and blue. Remember on November 6th and VOTE!

Libya- The Unmaking of the Obama Presidency?

An Excellent Spirit knows that the biggest issue facing Americans today is the economy. Unfortunately, the next biggest has become the Libyan tragedy. When America should be focused on the spending, the debt and the deficits, America is not able to do so. The events of the five weeks since the attack on September 11th make it clear that “we” are not getting the truth. We are being told that “the war against terror is over” and Bin Laden’s death means that Al Qaeda is finished as a terrorist threat. That is the narrative of the Obama Administration and the lamestream media is all too willing to repeat it to “us” every time they get the chance. Now, “we” must focus on terrorism and tragedy and the lying game that “they” play with “us” all too often. 

Unfortunately, for Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, a tragic thing happened on the way to the Election. “They” lied and people died. Today, “we” are being told, at last, that the Obama Administration knew, within 24 hours, that the attack in Benghazi on September 11th was a terrorist attack and had nothing whatsoever to do with the video that “they” told us for two weeks thereafter was the sole cause. CNS News has this story. US Senator Graham (South Carolina), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee says that The Obama Administration has lied to the American people. “(T)he U.S. intelligence community in Libya informed the administration in Washington, D.C., within 24 hours of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that the attack had been a terrorist strike whose perpetrators included militia associated with al Qaeda. Graham said the fact that the administration was still publicly declaring more than five days later that the attack may have arisen as a spontaneous protest indicated that either “they are misleading or incredibly incompetent.” Graham continued: “The intelligence community on the ground in Libya has told Senators Corker and myself that within 24 hours, they communicated up to Washington that this was a terrorist attack,” said Graham. “The president of Libya on the same date said it was a terrorist attack. The video of the compound shows that there was nobody at the Benghazi consulate. There was never a group to riot. And the evidence is overwhelming, and the idea that it was spawned by a video and a riot would hold the administration blameless. They said it was a copycat of Cairo. It wasn`t a copycat, it was a sustained attack that lasted for six or eight hours using heavy weapons, which undercut the idea that al Qaeda has been dismantled and on the run.” Thus, despite the desperate attempt to cover up Obama Administration’s unpreparedness and policy failure, “we” are beginning to get the truth. “Well, it`s not just Susan Rice, the president of the United States said it was the result of a video on David Letterman two days later,” said Graham. “And the facts are very clear. There was never a riot. There was never a group of people around the embassy. It was a coordinate terrorist attack that took hours. Patrick Kennedy from the State Department briefed congressional staffers the day after the attack saying it was a terrorist attack. The next day, after she [Amb. Susan Rice] was on your show, the counter-terrorism deputy said it was a terrorist attack. And the president after that went on national TV, “The View,” and David Letterman talking about we’re not sure if this was inspired by a video, a hateful video.”

This leads to another, even worse problem. Intelligence. When the Administration and the lamestream media throws these people under the bus to cover their incompetence and abject failures, they do not lied down and take it. They leak. And that is precisely what we are seeing now. Even with the complicit silence of the lamestream media, there are enough sources and the leaking has begun in earnest. The truth will out and that is what “we” are finally learning today. An Excellent Spirit has referred to Stratfor, as a reliable intelligence source before. This Stratfor piece by Scott Stewart looks at terrorism. “Terrorism is an enduring reality. While geopolitical changes may cause a shift in the actors who employ terrorism as a tactic, terrorism will continue to be used no matter what the next geopolitical cycle brings. It is, and will continue to be, a tactic used by militant actors who want to confront a militarily superior enemy. Focusing on the tradecraft used in attacks and charting its changes and trends not only permits observers to understand what is happening and why but also provides an opportunity to forecast what is coming next.” 

Stewart analizes the subject from almost every angle: historically, the modernity of the Internet and trends that have been observed since September 11, 2001. He concludes, “This inability to conduct attacks in the West and the frustration it causes, along with the downfall of the transnational al Qaeda core organization, may be causing the remaining jihadist groups to focus more on operations in their local areas — places where they have the skilled operatives and materiel to conduct successful attacks. This means that Western diplomatic missions, hotels and businesses located in these areas will remain vulnerable to attack. With these militant groups in possession of shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles like the SA-7, there is also a lingering concern over the possibility of an attack against a Western aircraft in such areas.” The American people, kept in the dark for so long, are starting to ask if sources like Stratfor have this kind of information and analysis, why does our government and intelligence fail so miserably?  An Excellent Spirit knows  that every President has a full staff of National Security experts in his White House, available 24 hours a day. It is these people that President Obama ducked when he blew off over half of his security and intelligence briefings. The same President who, after learning of the Benghazi attack, and before knowing the facts, went to Las Vegas to campaign while the bodies of 4 Americans were still in flames.

This Washington Examiner editorial provides more details. “Asked why senior officials had said in the immediate aftermath of the attack that it was related to an anti-Islam video, a department spokesperson replied: “That was not our conclusion. We don’t necessarily have a conclusion [about that].” America watched weeks of dissembling from Ambassador Rice, Secretary of State Clinton, Presidential Spokesman Jay Carney and the President in his appearances on Letterman, The View and the UN. “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice flatly blamed the anti-Islamic YouTube video in appearances on national television. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland also strongly hinted the video was to blame, although in retrospect she was very clever with her use of the word “conclusion” when first asked about the motivations behind the attack on Sept. 13: “[W]e don’t draw conclusions … That said, obviously, there are plenty of people around the region citing this disgusting video as something that has been motivating.” The Examiner says more:  “The disingenuous nature of the State Department pales next to the tall tales served up on this topic by President Obama and his White House staff. Whatever their motives, they picked up the ball days after the attack and ran with the falsehood that spontaneous anger over a ridiculous YouTube video had torched off demonstrations and violence — coincidentally, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. As we have mentioned before in this space, the Daily Beast’s Eli Lake has reported credibly that the White House knew the Benghazi consulate had been attacked by al Qaeda and even had a suspect list in hand within 24 hours of the attack.”

It has become clear that the only thing as bad as our economy is our foreign policy, or the lack of one. An Excellent Spirit believes that the Obama Administration can not and should not be given a pass on either of these two issues. Every day it is becoming more important to remember in November and think about all this before you vote!

The Game Changer- The Libyan Disaster, Not The Debates

An Excellent Spirit has carefully watched as the lamestream media has done all it could to sell “their” narrative that President Obama is winning the Election and Mitt Romney desperately needs a “game changing” moment or two. The truth is something different and “they” will do anything to keep the truth from “us”. President Obama has been revealed for what he is to the American people, a failed President and, without a “game changer”, Mitt Romney will win in November. 

Larry Kudlow, the perspacatious the perspicacious Townhall, CNBC and Fox Finance News pundit interestingly and expertly weighed in on the Biden-Ryan debate and the outrageous performance of VP Joe Biden. The “game changer” has already occurred. Despite the desperation of the Obama Administration and their lamestream media lap dogs, “we” have seen the “game changer” and it is the Libyan catastrophe. Kudlow”s piece has it right. “And Biden mislead everyone with a string of falsehoods. He said the administration did not have complete intelligence at the start of the crisis. But we now know they did have sufficient intelligence to realize that the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three others had nothing to do with spontaneous reactions to a YouTube video, and that it was a planned al-Qaeda attack. Then Biden denied that the State Department asked the White House for stronger Benghazi security and was turned down on several occasions. But we know this to be true from various sources. We even know that State Department officials saw the Benghazi attack in real time. These untruths will dog Biden on the campaign trail. The Benghazi round clearly went to Ryan. And later in the debate, when the discussion turned to Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria, Ryan went toe-to-toe with Biden, the supposed foreign-policy expert. He was every bit Biden’s equal and more, which is one of the surprising outcomes of this debate. The confidence factor in young Paul Ryan will rise as a result.”  Hot Air has this excellent post detailing the mess and what increasingly appears to be a cover-up.  “Yesterday’s hearings on the Benghazi terrorist attack that left four Americans dead, including our Ambassador, provided a rather enlightening moment about the US broadcast media — when it should have been a belatedly enlightening moment for our broadcast media.  The hearing produced several jaw-dropping highlights, including the State Department assertion post-attack that we “had the correct number of [security] assets in Benghazi,” a grotesque declaration after the sacking of the consulate.  Diplomatic Security personnel had despaired of getting assistance from State (even while Austria kept its full security detail — and got a fleet of Chevy Volts, apparently), and felt that “the Taliban was inside the [State Dept] building.”  Only the night before the hearing did State disavow their initial story on the attack being a “spontaneous protest” that “spun out of control,” which should have been a huge red flag to the broadcast networks that an administration cover story had completely fallen apart.” Read the whole thing and click on the links.

Thanks to the Obama Administration, President Obama, VP Biden, “Bagdad” Jay Carney and Ambassador Susan Rice, the American people already know that President Obama has finally found something he is worse at than the economy: foreign policy. When  “progressive “journalists” like Tom Brokaw speak out, that is a “game has changed” signal. Watch the video here. Another problem President Obama has is telling the truth. What is equally evident is that, despite repeated concerns by diplomats working in Libya, the administration shortchanged security. And when the worst happened, it wasn’t willing to tell the truth to the American people. As Brietbart’s report on the Columbus Standard’s editorial said, “And as of Wednesday, administration officials continued to insist that the consulate had adequate security. The tragedy is magnified by the fact that Stevens, by all accounts, was passionately devoted to restoring Libya as a U.S. ally. He wanted to help build a democratic nation. But he wasn’t blind to the danger still posed by militant Islamists and other anti-American groups. The murder of Stevens and his colleagues raises serious questions about the administration’s priorities and competence.” Read the whole thing. 

President Obama also has a great deal of problems with accepting the responsibility for his Administration. And resisting the impulse to blame everyone but his Administration. “Vice President Biden blamed intelligence officials for the administration’s changing account of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, during Thursday night’s debate with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). The Obama administration has been under fire for initially linking the attack on the U.S. Consulate to an anti-Islam video made in the U.S. before later acknowledging that that the attack was an act of terrorism, not a protest that turned violent. Biden said the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, was repeating what intelligence sources had told her when she blamed the video as a “proximate cause” of the violence in an interview five days after the attack. “The intelligence community told us that,” Biden said. “As they learned more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment.” 

“We” may not be getting the truth from the Obama Administration or the lamestream media, but, as Lincoln said, “they” cannot “fool all of the people, all of the time”. That is why “we” have met the “game changer” and it is “us” on November 6th.