Whole Lot of Shaking Going to Happen!

With God’s help, An Excellent Spirit will post on the Benghazi Hearings beginning tomorrow and the increasing prospects that, unless President Obama begins to come clean and tell America the truth about what he did and did not do and did or did not order on the night of September 11, 2012, he could be impeached! Stories like these are beginning to come out. Here An Excellent Spirit posted at length about Cross Border Authority and how, if Obama ordered “everything be immediately done to secure the lives of the Americans on the ground in Benghazi” on the fateful night when four Americans died, apparently from gross neglect of duty by the President himself and Sec. State Clinton, Sec. Def. Panetta and others, NOTHING WAS DONE AND FOUR BRAVE AMERICANS DIED! Here

The other subject on which we feel led to post is the issue of LIARS and the LIES they tell. What happens to these demonic individuals? What can Americans begin to expect a Holy God to do in support of HIS OWN WORD? His Word is forever settled in Heaven(Ps119:89); It is exalted, even above HIS NAME! (Ps 138:2) His Word does not return to God void(Isaiah 55:11a); it accomplished ALL that God sets it to do!(Isaiah 55:11b) God is NOT a man that HE should LIE, not is God the son of a man that HE should repent` take back His Word! (Numbers 23:19)  Finally, God says, “Have I not said it (MY WORD) and shall I not bring it (My Word) to pass”? (Ezekiel 12:25) What will become of those who are revealed to be LIARS against the TRUTH and God’s Holy admonishment that we are to be Holy because HE, GOD ALMIGHTY, our Creator and Heavenly Father, IS HOLY?  An Excellent Spirit will attempt to set forth a few options and see what our readers think. Stay tuned, Mishpucka! Baruch HaShem!


Happy Birthday From A Blessed Nation

President Ronald Reagan was born 102 years ago. God blessed America on that day! Pray that God continues to bless America!

Just looking at Reagan’s face is comforting. Remembering all he was and did is inspiring. Praying for America, as Reagan did, is effectual.

Something Worth Writing About

Meade and Prettyman Courthouse home of US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

An Excellent Spirit has been on extended hiatus. Between several critical health issues and the fact that we did not read or see anything worth writing about, we have kept our vigilance at a high level and our rhetoric at a low ebb. Until today. There is finally something to write about. This Washington Post bulletin just came through:  “President Obama exceeded his constitutional authority when he named three members of the National Labor Relations Board while the Senate was on a break last year, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that allowing the president to make such appointments as a way around Senate opposition “would wholly defeat the purpose of the Framers in the careful separation of powers structure” they created.”

As Hillary Clinton recently and famously asked, “What difference” does this make? First, it must be cautioned that the United States Supreme Court will in all likelihood review this decision as there are some conflicts with cases already decided in the opposite direction in the past. “The ruling acknowledged that it conflicts in parts with what other federal appeals courts have held about recess appointments. The issue is likely to be decided by the Supreme Court.” That said, the action of one of the most liberal Circuit Courts of Appeal is noteworthy and, if affirmed, far reaching in its affect.

First, all of President Obama’s recess appointments that were designed to thwart the US Senate’s refusal to confirm his ultra leftist nominees will be invalidated. Second and even more far reaching is the consequence that all actions of the National Relations Labor Board (NLRB) taken with those recess appointments in place will be invalidated, sine die (immediately!). The Court knew this and said so in its decision. “The decision flatly rejected the administration’s rationale for appointing the board members, and jeopardizes the separate recess appointment of former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cordray is the subject of a different lawsuit.”

National Relations Labor Board Meeting

For readers who desire more specific information while we wait for the published decision, we always recommend The Volkoh Conspiracy. Here is its first impression post on the case today. We also read avidly, Legal Insurrection. Here is Cornell Law School Professor William A. Jacobson’s initial reaction. He also links to a PDF version of the full decision for your information.

So, what is all the fuss about? First, a sitting President has just been rebuked, publically, by a liberal Circuit Court of Appeals 3 Judge Panel, unanimously, we note, on an issue that reverses and leaves in limbo numerous decisions of a Federal Agency (NLRB). That is rare. Second, the President, just re-elected and re-inaugurated, was believed to have clear sailing on almost any issue he championed, no matter what the opposition. That is all on hold now. When a Court of Appeal says the Emperor has no clothes, it is at least worth a closer look at his raiment. At the very least his momentum has been slowed from an entirely unforeseen direction. Let’s all take a deep breath!

President Obama after getting the news of the D.C. Circuit’s vacating of his NLRB recess appointments.

Andrew McCarthy, our source on Jihad and the Blind Sheik, penned this on the decision.  We have written about McCarthy in our pieces on the Blind Sheik and others. Here and here.  McCarthy addressed some of the technical issues to be decided on appeal to the Supreme Court. “Expect lots of people harmed by NLRB and CFPB determinations and pronouncements to head to court. Also expect the administration to appeal to the Supreme Court. While the D.C. Circuit’s constitutional analysis is compelling, there is an interesting question as to whether it had jurisdiction to reach the constitutional issues given that the petitioner failed to raise them before the NLRB. The panel found that it did, and its reasoning is persuasive, but the judges concede that there is no precedent directly on point. I’d bet on the Supreme Court affirming today’s ruling, but I think we’ll also be hearing a lot of banter from the administration spin machine about judicial overreach — the spin machine doubling as a chutzpah machine.”

Andrew C. McCarthy of Ordered Liberty

Finally, An Excellent Spirit has seen little to write about these past weeks, as the opposition has devolved into a mass of ineffectiveness and appeasement. The Congress has bowed its head and meekly done whatever it could to appear to be led to the gallows by a triumphant White House. As Hillary said, “What difference does it make?” Well, folks, the unlikely District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, Three Judge Panel, ruling for the entire court, has at least brought that question back on the front burner and we may just find out that President Obama’s barely concealed contempt for the Constitution, Congress, the Courts and the American People who are not to the left of Saul Alinsky might just make some difference. Stay tuned. If it grows, this could be something to write about. God bless America.

Middle East Update – Egyptian Dictator Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood

An Excellent Spirit’s friend and source of all things Middle Eastern, Barry Rubin of The Rubin Report has penned this story on Egyptian President Mursi (American lamestream media call him “Morsi” but Middle Easterners, who know him well, spell it “Mursi”). The article was also posted in PJ Media, another source that gets it right most of the time.  “What’s been happening in Egypt this week is as important as the revolution that overthrew the old regime almost two years ago. A new dictator has arrived and while the Muslim Brotherhood’s overturning of democracy was totally predictable, Western policymakers walked right into the trap. They even helped build it. President Mursi has now declared his ability to rule by decree. The key concept is that he can do everything to protect the revolution. In doing so, he is defining the revolution — as the Iranian revolution of 1978-1979 which was made by a broad coalition of forces soon after became defined — as an Islamist revolution. One could call the Islamist strategy a short march through the institutions. Once Islamists take power — in Iran, the Gaza Strip, and Turkey, perhaps too in Syria — that is only the beginning of the story. They systematically do a fundamental transformation.” All Emphasis ours.

As Barry Rubin points out, the Islamist template, beginning with Iran in 1979 and continuing with Egypt in 2012 is to pull out everything they do not like and start from scratch. “The media, or at least a large part of it, is tamed. The draft constitution written by the Brotherhood and Salafists allows the government to shut down any newspaper or television station by decree. The courts are made impotent and judges replaced. Mursi’s decree said he could ignore any court decision. At a November 18 press conference, a few days before Mursi issued his decree, the leading secular-oriented representatives in the constitution-writing constituent assembly resigned, charging the new document would enshrine Sharia law. The problem was not the statement in Article 2 about Sharia being the main source of Egyptian legislation but rather later provisions making it clear that Islamist-controlled institutions would interpret precisely what that meant. Amr Moussa, former foreign minister and Arab League secretary-general, said the new constitution would bring disaster for Egypt. Abdel Meguid called this combination “Taliban-like.”

Egypt has always seen itself as the central part of the Islamic Caliphate, and while Turkey, Iran and many others lay claim to that centrality, today, only Egypt is able to take action to position Egypt as the starting point of Muslim world domination. Rubin continues, “Of critical importance for Egypt is control over the religious infrastructure: the ministry of Waqf that supervises huge amounts of money in Islamic foundations; the office of qadi, the chief Islamist jurist; al-Azhar University, the most important institution defining Islam in the Muslim world; which clerics get to go on television or have their own shoes; and down to appointments of preachers in every public mosque in the country. Many clerics are not moderate but most are not systematic Islamists. Soon they will be or at least talk as if they were. Revolutionary Islamism will become in Egypt merely normative Islam. Thus is the endless debate in the West about the nature of Islam — religion of peace or religion of terrorism? — short-circuited and made even more irrelevant. The real power is not what the texts say but who interprets them. And the Islamists will do the interpreting. Until some years from now, that is, when the Caliphate is fully established as the only power in the Middle East and the greatest power in the world! That is the plan and it will follow the template until fully implemented. But God!

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in Tehran, Iran, on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement summit on August 30, 2012. (UN Photo by Evan Schneider)

Historically, Rubin relatesUnder the leadership of a secret society called the Free Officers, Egypt’s army overturned the monarchy in 1952 in a virtually bloodless coup. Yet while Egypt was for decades thereafter ruled by the resulting regime, the military government soon became a military-backed government. Officers either moved over to civilian offices or if they opposed the regime were purged. Aside from doing its professional duties, the new generation of officers turned to money-making. The Egyptian army became a vast economic enterprise, with its own farms, factories, and housing estates. It was not a political interest group, and certainly not an ideological organization, but an economic enterprise. During the more recent revolution, the army’s main concern was its own corporate interests — especially control over the military budget, the choice of its leaders, and those business activities. Over and over again the Western mass media and governments spoke as if they were dealing with a South American army that wanted to rule the country. It was portrayed as repressive and potentially tyrannical. By definition, all civilians — especially the Muslim Brotherhood — were good guys against the supposed military would-be dictators.” Remember our quote about the devil convincing “us” that he does not exist? “This was far from the truth. The military was eager to get out of power as long as its narrow interests were preserved. One of its biggest fears was becoming unpopular. That’s why it didn’t crack down in 2011 on behalf of the Mubarak regime and didn’t do so very much when it was in the transitional military council. To put it bluntly, the army wasn’t the bad guys but, relatively speaking, among the good guys.

Professor Rubin reveals the almost total capitulation of the generals to the Brotherhood. “Now, however, that moment is past. Partly under international pressure, it gave power to an elected president without securing a single one of its demands. So much for the tyrannical generals. Scores of top officers resigned and they are now being replaced by the choices of one man, the president. Who is Mursi going to appoint to head the new Egyptian army? Given the lack of Islamist sympathizers at the top — there is much debate over how many there are among more junior officers — he needs to put in place opportunists. These would be men who in exchange for their rank and privileges will do his bidding. That is what’s happening now; the Islamist high command should come later. Lacking any ideological orientation against revolutionary Islamism; without charismatic leadership, not at all united, and in a sense fat and greedy, without any foreign encouragement, and not wanting to shoot down its own people and set off a civil war, the Egyptian army is not a bulwark against the country becoming an Islamist dictatorship. If the Islamists could overcome a far more coherent and ideologically anti-Islamist military in Turkey so easily, there’s no reason to think a similar process won’t happen in Egypt, too. What are the red lines for the army? First and foremost, that nobody touch their economic empire and cuts their budget. Mursi isn’t stupid enough to get into trouble on that issue. Second, those who attack the military with guns must be dealt with harshly. Mursi is willing to crack down on those extremely radical Salafist groups — notably in the Sinai — who shoot Egyptian soldiers rather than just restricting themselves to attacks on Israel. Third, the preservation of U.S. military aid. No worries there; it would take a lot for the Obama Administration to cut off this assistance. The regime can go far toward suppressing women and Christians, making clear it is helping the forces seeking to wipe Israel off the map, subvert other Arabic-speaking countries, and setting up a dictatorship without having to worry about losing the aid. Finally, will the Egyptian military constantly refuse to take steps that might entangle it in a war with Israel? Here is the most likely hope of restraint though Mursi isn’t eager for such a direct conflict either. The danger, however, is not so much an executive decision to go to war but a slow slide into conflict. Along the way, Egypt can be permissive toward those staging cross-border attacks on Israel; allow Egyptian volunteers in large numbers to go to the Gaza Strip to fight; and allow lots of weapons in the Gaza Strip. Small-scale border clashes or a future Israel-Hamas war could move things in that direction. For the time being, however, as indicated by the ceasefire, Egypt’s new regime doesn’t want a conflict either. Consolidating its power within the country and creating a new order that will last for decades is a big task. All the institutions must be transformed, a constitution finalized and adopted, billions of dollars of foreign aid begged, oppositions tamed. As an indication, the radical nationalist regime in the 1950s spent three years at that task before turning toward an attempt to dominate the region. Patience and practical sense of how to proceed to accomplish radical objectives should not be mistaken for moderation. The Middle East will still be there to Islamize, Israel to destroy, and American influence to eliminate when Mursi is ready.”

In today’s Egypt, while “the judges are still holding out bravely only the army has real power to counter the Islamist revolution transforming the most important country in the Arabic-speaking world into the instrument of the leading international anti-Western, anti-American, and antisemitic organization. It doesn’t matter how nicely Mursi spoke to Obama any more than say how Lenin — who moderated Soviet policy in the 1920s to consolidate the regime and get Western help — did in his day.” Rubin questions “What is going on inside Egypt’s army, the last remaining institution that could offer resistance? We don’t really know but there are certainly some important indications. In theory, the army is the only force that can challenge the Muslim Brotherhood’s drive to transform Egypt into an Islamist state. But why should we believe the officers want to engage in such a battle?”

Muslim Brotherhood on Middle East TV: We will rule the world!

An Excellent Spirit has written about the Muslim Brotherhood and its overreaching influence in the Obama Administration, the US State Department and the White House itself. Here. Despite all that we have written about what is at stake and how the US is handling it, the fact of the matter is that the US position or activity has little to do with the over all goals and actions of Islamists who have but one thing in mind: the world domination by an Islamic Caliphate. Not an uplifting, confidence building scenario unless you are an Islamofacist. Nevertheless, “we” who watch Israel and believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob know that “He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps” and “we” will continue to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” to the God of Heaven and Earth Who hears and answers our prayers. Stay tuned, there will be more. There has to be, until Jesus stands on the Mount of Olives and it splits in half as the Heavenly Host comes to Him in the clouds. “We” say, “come quickly Lord Jesus”!

President Obama and his Islamic women: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Special Assistant to the President Valerie Jarrett in Muslim Dress

Today’s Humor

Hey Axelrod! Michelle says she can’t cook this thing! We can’t even find anyone to kill it! It’s way too big!!!!

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? That is why “they” won’t tell “us” the truth!

Missiles are good for you, aren’t they? The way this works is when we get too many to store more, we have to send them to Israel!

We checked this statement with the White House and they approved it for the American people. Send it to the UN too! They will love it.


They Relied, America Died

President Obama, Vice President Biden and families at victory party on November 6th in Chicago

An Excellent Spirit knows that political post mortems are good for very little in the truth and accuracy department. At their worst, these “we lost because of anyone but us” mantras are tawdry, embarrassing substitutes for “we lost because we were not good enough at……” At best, they contain some information of questionable value that an astute observer will not be fooled by, but will instead include in any cogent, useful analysis of defeat as the father of victory. 

An Excellent Spirit puts Dick Morris squarely in that category. His column in Jewish World Review is a shining example. “But the real reason is that the whites who supported Romney didn’t turn out to vote. Just look at the fact, brought to my attention by National Review and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, that Obama carried Ohio by 107,000 votes (some are still being counted) and that Romney got about 100,000 fewer votes than McCain! (2,677,820 for McCain v. 2,583,580 for Romney). Romney really lost by failing to turn out his base even as Obama was doing a very good job of getting his to the polls.” While those figures may have some validity, Morris has been around long enough to add correctly. 94,320 fewer votes is almost 13,000 short of Obama’s total in the 2012 Ohio Election. A loss by any other name is still a loss, Dick.

Statistics and figures like that one are great to try out in advance of an appearance on O’Reilly or Hannity, but, “the folks” are getting tired of the same old same old regurgitated talking points. The strategy of observing the crowd on its way somewhere and then getting out in front to lead them only works when defeat is not the destination.

Dick Morris with Sean Hannity

In the next paragraph, Morris uses another magic bromide word, ORCA. New words are always a clue. When the old, tried and true, appellations and epithets will not do, it is time to invent a new one. This keeps ‘em guessing and provides cover, so the thinking goes. In reality, again there is some truth in what Morris is putting out there. How anyone could stake the most important Election of our lives on an untried, untested and curiously stupid concept like ORCA is only more astounding than a Presidential campaign allowing the National Committee of a party the control over that essential part of the game. After all the years, all the money, all the wear and tear on family and fortune, to stumble when the finish line is in sight and stumble that badly is astonishing, but not without precedent.

An Excellent Spirit has previously posted on ORCA and when the bombs die down in Israel and the hearings get through with the first round of Benghazi bamboozlers, we will post some more. For now, suffice it to say that ORCA has become a pet word of Morris, Rove, O’Reilly and Hannity. That should tell us something, since they never connect it to anything concrete. They just say it, like it was another “mea culpa” in a confessional.

That having been trotted out there successfully, Morris gives “us” the third leg of the lame lamenters manifesto. It was the wrong strategy. It always is when you lose, Dick, but which strategy? Naturally, the naming of a strategy by a pundit is followed by, “it was not my strategy” and “I repeatedly told anyone who would listen that………..” Morris does not disappoint. “But the failure of the white vote to turn out was also because neither the Romney campaign nor any of the super PACs rebutted Obama’s attacks on the Republican candidate. Unanswered, the attacks transformed Romney’s Bain Capital experience into a nightmare of outsourcing and draconian, life ending layoffs. Had Romney’s people or the Super PACs answered the attacks and pointed to the splendid record of job creation at Bain and told the stories of the failing companies he turned around, these voters would likely have voted and Romney would have won. During the campaign, some may recall that I pleaded for answers to the Bain attacks in columns, videos, and on Fox News. Other consultants like Pat Caddell also called for answering ads. But none came. All throughout the late spring months, it was clear that Obama was destroying Romney’s image, but none of his supporters spent money on ads defending the candidate.” Morris has had a long run with this spin and it promises to continue, unabated.

“The Super PACs were all focused on negatives against Obama. Handcuffed by their own tax status, some of them felt legally able only to criticize Obama not to defend Romney. Others felt that rebuttal ads might raise accusations of coordination between the PACs and the Romney campaign. But the fact is that those running the Romney campaign — the Super PAC consultants, and the Republican consulting community — in general do not believe in the efficacy of rebuttal media. All throughout the bruising Republican primary, nobody ran rebuttal ads. The negatives on each side just piled up until Romney crushed his rivals by sheer weight of his negative media.”

Karl Rove

First, “inside baseball” explanations like these are never the reason that a campaign that took in excess of 6 years and spent at least a billion dollars or more fail. The reason is that the people on one side are better than those on the other side. Period. Axelrod, Jarrett, Messina and, it pains me to say it, Cutter were better than Priebus, Rove, Gillespie and those unnamed Romney insiders who had the candidate’s ear and were supposed to tell him what was not working. Plainly put, Romney is a businessman who spent years in politics. His father was the governor of Michigan. His father ran American Motors and Mitt had a gaudy history of success, well deserved. He and he alone failed when it counted most. He lost the Presidency and he lost it by relying on the wrong people and the wrong strategy.

In 2008, John McCain lost his race to Obama because he was a pale, uninspiring figure when placed up against the wunderkind of the 21st Century in 2008. He was unprepared for the fiscal crises, shut his campaign and went to Washington without a plan or a strategy and sat there while others addressed the problem, with sparse results. He failed to even be a good failure and was done. The only thing McCain got right was that there was an unprecedented fiscal crisis at hand. He would have been much better to sit outside of Washington and focus his campaign on what he could do over the next four years to meet the challenge than to stop campaigning to go to Washington and show how little he knew about economics.

In 2012, Romney, a well financed, seemingly well intentioned man with a ton of just the right kind of experience failed to sell the “47%” he so ungraciously set us as his adversary on a vision of how to join the 53% of Americans who work, pay income taxes and create jobs. He wrongly misunderstood that Americans in the 47% have lost faith in America as a place of fairness where anyone can succeed, either by choice or circumstance. Romney failed to convince those without jobs that they would be better off with jobs. President Obama, with the much easier task of playing to 47% in the bag, only needed 4-5% of the rest to win. I have not calculated the odds, but I’d bet they were astronomical against Romney winning!

Morris concludes by pressing the failure of Romney to respond to negative attacks and the confluence of Hurricane Sandy and his confessional session is over. It is tried, true and it is on to the Fox News shows to peddle his books and himself as the wizard of all things political. An Excellent Spirit has nothing against Morris or any of them. It is their explanations we take issue with. They just do not tell the whole story. There are too many statistics they leave out, inconvenient facts and truths that would make Al Gore freeze, or sweat, profusely. Here are just a few:

Democrats win Elections when the people are sick of Republican rule and are desperate enough to consider tax and spend liberals so they can forget the morality, incompetence and arrogance of Republicans. Eisenhower was followed by 8 years of Democrats. If Kennedy had not died, we might have had 16 years. Nixon was followed by Ford, Carter (ugh!) and then another Republican Ronald Reagan.

Here we pause to note that both Eisenhower (Dulles, Warren et al) and Reagan (Schultz, Weinberger, Meese and Deavers) had their own men of stature and ability who provided them with counsel, winning strategies and a certain sense of national competence that overrode every slip they made while in office. Reagan was even able to extend his rule beyond his 8 years and, if George Bush the First read minds and not lips, would have had 16, not 12 years. He was followed by Bill Clinton, more lionized in the aftermath of his disastrous Presidency that anyone should ever have expected. Impeachment, affairs, government shutdowns and “it’s the economy stupid” could not pass the baton to the inconvenient buffoon, Al Gore, so we elected Bush 2. Bush 2 gets a 9-11 score for eternity and we move on to Barack Obama.

President George W. Bush with Karl Rove

Obama said he was going to change America and he has. Carter crashed and burned in an Iranian desert. Obama may go up in Benghazi flames or over a Fiscal Cliff, but he has a second term. And, as we have begun to point out, it is not simply Republican incompetence.

Two more inconvenient facts that no one is mentioning. In the Election just past, stories abound about the small number of votes that Obama won by in four to six swing states. The total of all those votes is somewhere around 3-400,000 votes. That is razor thin, with all the mistakes and incompetence of one side and with all the money and competence of the other. Just before the Election, when these same pundits were talking of a Romney landslide and even President Obama did not seem able to muster a counter attack that worked, in the last two to four weeks, Romney tried to “expand the map”. Instead of concentrating their efforts on the swing states that they had to win (and ultimately lost: Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire, to name a few), Romney spent his time and millions of dollars in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada and a few more states that were unnecessary departures from a strategy that would have gotten them a safe 270+ Electoral Votes and the Presidency. This is factual. This, while inconvenient truth is virtually unreported by the lamestream media, preferring the career enhancing narratives of those they permit to mislead “us” for four more years.

Four More Years like the last four years.

Want proof? 12 years ago, before the Florida “hanging chads” debacle led to the US Supreme Court having to judicially rule who won a hotly contested Election, we saw a similar strategy employed by a man who is reputed to have spent about 500 million dollars in the failed effort to defeat Obama. Karl, “the Architect” Rove and the others in charge of the campaign of George W. Bush that was leading the inept Gore with less than a month to go, astonishingly, decided to “expand the map” and go for a mandate over a mere win. They went into California! They spent time, millions of dollars on ads and operations and did so with not even a chance to win the most liberal state in the Union! There were other states they diverted needed campaign assets to and there were little things they missed, like the two different poll closing times in Florida. Now, the whole world knows that the Florida Panhandle is in the Central Time Zone and the polls in about 35% of the state close an hour later than the rest (Eastern Time Zone). This meant that a campaign had to interface with all major networks and media and demand that no predictions of winner be made until all polls closed in Florida! They failed! That is right, the Bush Campaign with its geniuses and money to spend in California forgot to secure Florida. The same Florida that the entire country spent over 40 days of agony before a court decided what the people would clearly have decided in favor of George W. Bush if tens of thousands of Bush voters had not stayed home in the Panhandle after the news that Gore won Florida was broadcast by all networks a full one hour before that determination could be made!

Chads, hanging and otherwise. From 2000 Election

The fact that the same people were in this Election and in every Election (Morris for Clinton, Rove for Bush 2, for instance) is also worth noting, but no one either remembers (just kidding!) or wants to share that information with the unsuspecting public. Like we said at the top, post mortems are all about excuses and obfuscation, not truth, justice and the American way!  Americans either take control of their electoral process or the process will continue to betray them in 2016 and beyond, for as long as American lasts. Stay tuned.

Today’s Humor

“We” talk a good game. Our military plays a good game. They keep “us” free and we do not even guarantee that they vote? Shame on “us”!

“They” won. “We” lost! Look at what “we” are getting. Pray for America! 

I hate it when I have to work. I can’t campaign again, but at least I can play golf! Fore! More years, that is.

Now that the Election is over, Axelrod, what do we do about Benghazi? Those pesky American people will keep on asking for details we can’t give to them! Help!!!!

Today’s Humor

See! “We” told you that “they” can not fool “us”! Obama does not look like “Honest Abe” or honest anybody!

That guy Reagan! He really “got” it! “We” need someone like Reagan now!

This is what Obama wants! Vote on November 6th or “we” will get it!

“We” are getting the message! “We” don’t like it, either! What is “ours” is not Obama’s! Remember to VOTE! November 6th is Freedom Preservation Day!


Update: CIA Director Speaks Out On What CIA Did on Libya

An Excellent Spirit has followed the Libyan story and what really happened in Benghazi when four Americans were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists on September 11th.  This Freedom Outpost story makes clear that “we” have not gotten the truth from the lamestream media or from President Obama and his spokespersons. “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director David Petraeus has emphatically denied that anyone at the CIA refused to assist and give support to former Navy SEALs who requested it three times, as referenced in emails that have come out, as the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was being attacked on the night of September 11.”  This is directly contrary to what the Obama Administration has said. “On Friday The State Department cut off questions from reporters about Libya during a press briefing in Washington. The only one talking now, at least it seems until after the election, is Petraus who has been directly implicated by charges that the CIA would not offer support and so that has left him with one option and that is to point to the one man where the buck stops, whether he likes it or not, Barack Obama.

We have waited in vain for the lamestream media to begin covering what may be the scandal to end all scandals with four Americans dead, perhaps needlessly. I guess we all will have to wait some more. Anyone want to bet that the delays have to do with getting past Election Day”? Stay tuned. Hope still springs eternal. God bless America!

WallBuilders Asks: Why Vote?

An Excellent Spirit has written WallBuilders and its head, David Barton on numerous occasions. Here We have posted on the need to vote and to be informed before you vote! Now, WallBuilders has this admonition to vote on their site entitled “Why Vote?” You can see it here. The site posts a You Tube video that we post here. The Election on November 6th is the most important of our lives and every American has a duty to be informed, to earnestly pray and seek God and to VOTE!

David Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage. WallBuilders is a name taken from the Old Testament writings of Nehemiah, who led a grassroots movement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore its strength and honor. In the same way, WallBuilders seeks to energize the grassroots today to become involved in strengthening their communities, states, and nation. David is the author of numerous best-selling books, with the subjects being drawn largely from his massive library of tens of thousands of original writings from the Founding Era. He also addresses well over 400 groups each year. His exhaustive research has rendered him an expert in historical and constitutional issues and he serves as a consultant to state and federal legislators, has participated in several cases at the Supreme Court, was involved in the development of the History/Social Studies standards for states such as Texas and California, and has helped produce history textbooks now used in schools across the nation. 

A national news organization has described him as “America’s historian,” and Time Magazine called him “a hero to millions – including some powerful politicians. In fact, Time Magazine named him as one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals. David has received numerous national and international awards, including Who’s Who in Education, DAR’s Medal of Honor, and the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. His work in media has merited several Angel Awards, Telly Awards, and the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval.

All Americans are in the debt of David Barton and WallBuilders. As this Election of a lifetime draws near, An Excellent Spirit highly recommends that every reader visit the WallBuilders site, daily. Take advantage of one of the many opportunities to support the great work they do. Pray for David and his staff. Pray for WallBuilders. Pray God’s blessing on them and on The United States of America! Most of all, VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6th AND TAKE AMERICA BACK! TO GOD!!!

Full Disclosure: The images and the bio were taken from the WallBuilders website.

Today’s Humor

I’m running, yes it’s me and I’m running, as you can see, I’m running from what I can flee, I’m running for my life!

If he doesn’t stop lying, I may have to stop telling it like it isn’t! What a pity!

This is no fantasy! California is all that is “left”. They made it into a wasteland. Remember on November 6th or America is next!

Homeschoolers: America’s True Radicals?

An Excellent Spirit saw this article in National Review Online (NRO) thanks to this Political Outcast post. The article said, in part that “The do-it-yourself mentality is deeply entrenched in American history and in its psyche. We don’t think it weird when a co-worker tells us that he is going to fix his own toilet over the weekend—Home Depot and Lowe’s have made doing your own home repairs quite respectable—yet we are mostly bewildered by those who want to do-it-themselves when it comes to their children’s education. In reality, we should be asking ourselves why we think “normal” means having next to no say in what our children are being taught and that we as parents play no real part in this process besides getting our kids to the government education building or the bus stop on time. Williamson is right, there is a radical movement when it comes to education, and the antidote to the real radical movement of state indoctrination is nothing “new,” it is as old as America itself. Read the whole thing. The article prompted many wonderful memories for An Excellent Spirit. 

As the parent of a homeschooled son, The Excellent Son, who was homeschooled by The Excellent Wife, we were prepared to get all over this kind of talk. “The Last Radicals – Homeschoolers occupy the curriculum” By Kevin D. Williamson. “There is exactly one authentically radical social movement of any real significance in the United States, and it is not Occupy, the Tea Party, or the Ron Paul faction. It is homeschoolers, who, by the simple act of instructing their children at home, pose an intellectual, moral, and political challenge to the government-monopoly schools, which are one of our most fundamental institutions and one of our most dysfunctional. Like all radical movements, homeschoolers drive the establishment bats. In the public imagination, homeschooling has a distinctly conservative and Evangelical odor about it, but it was not always so. The modern homeschooling movement really has its roots in 1960s countercultural tendencies…” While there is a bias against homeschooling afoot, as usual, there is no doubt that it is unfounded and baseless.

The Excellent Wife, who is and was a most excellent teacher of The Excellent Son, would agree heartily with the fact that “the wealth of data suggesting that homeschooling is a largely …… suburban phenomenon, and that homeschooled students typically outperform their public-school peers…” We would also agree with “Education scholar Brian D. Ray, who specializes in homeschooling, found that West’s claims “basically have no foundation in research evidence,” and pointed out to the contrary that “repeated studies by many researchers and data provided by United States state departments of education show that home-educated students consistently score, on average, well above the public school average on standardized academic achievement tests. To date, no research has found homeschool students to be doing worse, on average, than their counterparts in state-run schools. Multiple studies by various researchers have found the home educated to be doing well in terms of their social, emotional, and psychological development.”

An Excellent Spirit also remembers fondly that, on Inauguration Day in 1993, as Bill Clinton opened the White House to the “people”, the new President took questions from children. That is never a great idea. Children always confound their elders and one young pre-teen promptly stumped and befuddled the new President. We cannot find the video. If we do, we will post it, but we recall vividly watching with joy as Mike Farris’ young daughter asked a question that left Clinton speechless! Where is that young woman today, when “we” need her? Our readers will note that Mike Farris has also founded Patrick Henry College in Virginia where Christian men and women can get a God inspired education.  God bless homeschoolers. It is that kind of radical America needs more of! Read the whole thing.



Are Polls Useless?

An Excellent Spirit has written a bit on polls and polling theory. This PJ Media story by Charlie Martin is a gem. Read the whole article, He uses an example of BBs. “Polling companies are now reporting that their telephone results are working out like this:         38% could not be reached                                                                                                53% were contacted but actively refused to answer                                                           9% cooperated and answered the polling questions                                                             In round figures, that means out of 10 phone numbers tried, 4 don’t answer at all, 5 answer and hang up, and only about 1 out of 10 actually cooperates.” 

Gallup    Public Policy Polling (PPP)    Zogby International      Rasmussen Reports

Wow! Did you know that? The next time you see a poll, any poll, be sure to remember this post. Mr. Martin concludes by saying what An Excellent Spirit thinks: “Think about our BBs. We only needed 40 red BBs out of a thousand to “refuse to be counted” to reverse our little “poll” completely. And here, we’re seeing that by the time our pollsters have counted 1,000 BBs, 9,000 of them refuse to be counted. What effect does this have on the polls? It’s hard to say: the one thing we don’t know is what the uncounted people think. But the one thing we can be pretty certain of is that the polls, with these kinds of conditions, are nearly useless.” 

We told you there would be more. Stay tuned and keep the faith. In God, to bless America and Americans in this tawdry, confusing world.

Debate Update – 67+ Million Watched.

An Excellent Spirit hoped that even more than watched last night’s Presidential Debate would avail themselves of the opportunity to watch. As is, over 67 million Americans watched. Brietbart has this report. “Overall, this was by far the most-watched event of the 2012 campaign cycle, with a grand total of approximately 58 million viewers. Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, by contrast, drew 35.7 million viewers. Mitt Romney’s at the Republican National Convention drew 30.3 million viewers. Update: Nielsen has released final numbers for last night. 67.2 million people watched the debate. That’s an increase of almost 15 million viewers over the first presidential debate in 2008, which scored 52.4 million viewers. And then CNN just replayed the debate today.

By the way, Brietbart also reported that Fox News had the largest audience. It also reported that a record number of 18-24 year old voters watched. “Overall, this was by far the most-watched event of the 2012 campaign cycle, with a grand total of approximately 58 million viewers. Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, by contrast, drew 35.7 million viewers. Mitt Romney’s at the Republican National Convention drew 30.3 million viewers. Here is a video of the youth watching.

Update: Nielsen has released final numbers for last night. 67.2 million people watched the debate. That’s an increase of almost 15 million viewers over the first presidential debate in 2008, which scored 52.4 million viewers. And then CNN just replayed the debate today.

The Manchurian President

In 1962, Frank Sinatra , Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh and Angela Lansbury headed an all-star cast in the then almost incredible drama, The Manchurian Candidate. It was remade in 2004, starring Denzel Washington. Both films were powerful, yet impossible to believe that it could ever happen in America. Until now. We continue our coverage on the Washington Examiner’s series on our President, with part two, “The Manchurian President”. Part 1 is here

In part 2 of the Examiner series, The myth of the ‘rock-star professor’, the Examiner makes it clear that Obama’s law background was more fiction than truth. “Time magazine gushed in 2008 about Barack Obama’s 12-year tenure as a law lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, saying, ‘Within a few years, he had become a rock-star professor with hordes of devoted students.’ That may have been true during his first two years, when he ranked first among the law school’s 40 instructors, with students giving him a rating of 9.7 out of a possible 10. But law student evaluations made available to The Washington Examiner by the university showed that his popularity then fell steadily. In 1999, only 23 percent of the students said they would repeat Obama’s racism class. He was the third-lowest-ranked lecturer at the law school that year. And in 2003, only a third of the student evaluators recommended his classes.” Like the candidates in the movies, his bona fides were loosely constructed to pass a narrative that was not accurate.

In Part 3, the Examiner reveals “The 1997 speech that launched Obama”. The article first looks at Obama’s stirring speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. It was the launch of his 2008 Presidential campaign. It was not, however, the launch of Obama. Like much else about our President, there was much more fiction than reality. “Few doubt that Barack Obama’s stirring oration before the 2004 Democratic National Convention vaulted him into the national limelight. But another, less-heralded Obama address — delivered on Valentine’s Day 1997 at First Chicago Bank — was equally essential to his later successes. Without it, it is doubtful that he would have ever been in position to assume so prominent a role in 2004.”

What is important for all Americans to know is that Barack Obama launched his public life in politics by taking advantage of the poor of Chicago. “Obama described a practical strategy for building on the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit, or LIHTC, contained in the 1986 Tax Reform Act, plus federal, state and local funds and programs, to create new public-private development partnerships. The LIHTC encouraged the partnerships needed to unite government officials and progressive nonprofit activists behind the cause of building thousands of new affordable-housing units, first on Chicago’s poor South Side and then, as the movement spread, to similar neighborhoods across the nation.” Then highly privileged citizen Obama went on to a lucrative law practice defending slum lords and a relationship with Tony Rezko, convicted Chicago slumlord who got tens of millions of  dollars from LIHTC and never built a single room of affordable housing for the poor.

Rezko sits in jail, silent about it all, including his purchase of a lot adjoining the Obama’s residence and the resale to Barack and Michelle Obama at a huge discount from what he paid. An Excellent Spirit is highly familiar with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC). Our editor spent many years developing affordable housing for the poor and we know that there is no reason to steal. There are huge profits for those who build quality affordable housing for the poor funded by federal tax credits and federally guaranteed loans. Rezko and those around him should be ashamed at the fate of the poor of Chicago at their hands.

In both films, the candidate for President was a fabricated, carefully constructed image to obscure the truth. In both versions, the media and everyone else dutifully recited nothing but hollow praise for the candidate and his character. Is that not what Americans are getting from the lamestream media today? All Americans should know and understand the company our Manchurian President keeps!

The Video We Hope Every American Will See!

An Excellent Spirit has posted on the HHH Mandate, abortion, and the necessity of all in the Body of Christ to register and vote in November. The Washington Post had this storyearlier this year. “The Department of Health and Human Services’ so-called “contraception mandate” became official law Wednesday. And the moment that it did, the nature of religious freedom in this country was dramatically changed.”

Catholic Bishops have sued. States have sued. Other Christian organizations have sued.

 Now, this video has been posted on You Tube. An Excellent Spirit hopes and prays that every American, Christian, Jew and Muslim, every Catholic and every man, woman and child will see this video Before You Vote! 

Warning! The video is partisan, graphic and utterly true and necessary in order that the truth be told to all Americans!

Today’s Humor

If “we”don’t repeal Obamacare, we will go over the Fiscal Cliff and when we hit bottom, the mountain will fall on us!

Even though it was over 230 years ago, Our Founders knew what they were talking about. You cannot argue with success, or failure!

Our “extreme” Founders created a Constitution has lasted and will last! If “we” don’t allow “Redistributionists” to drive “us” off the Fiscal Cliff into Taxmageddon!


More From Our Friend Lloyd Marcus

An Excellent Spirit has posted on Tea Party activist Lloyd Marcus before. Weeks ago, we read this and had to post it. As the Democratic Convention ends, we recommend that all Americans, especially those who do not agree with “them” watch carefully. A few days ago, we read this article from brother Marcus. We agree that it is not easy to find a single way to cope with the diverse liars, provocateurs and agents terrible that will be paraded. At least the RNC kept that to a minimum. We emphasize with brother Lloyd that ways to maintain calm and serenity must be found to cope this week for all non-Democrats. We know we’ll hear more trash, intentional invective and just plain, outrageous lies this week in Charlotte, but “we” can hope “they” will put a lid on this kind of stuff. Read the whole thing.

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Day One Democratic National Convention

An Excellent Spirit will have full coverage of all major speeches at the DNC tomorrow, but we have seen these reports of Dems equating Republicans to Adolf Hitler twice already. (LinkLink) Let’s hope they have some better change in store for America than these tired and unnecessary displays of hateful invective.

DNC Starts Today

The nominating conventions of the two major political parties tell Americans a lot about the parties and about Americans. Who they are, what they believe in and how they will govern is on display for all Americans. This week, the Democrat Party gives “us” a look at what “they” want “us” to know about them. Here is a list of those who will speak at the convention. and a photo gallery of the major speakers at this time.  

Put your seatbelts on America. Last week was about regret and change. This week promises to be about no change but eternal hope. That is what conventions are all about. They actually help frame the issues and the parties’ positions. The biggest problem Americans have it what poses as fair reportage by our lamestream media. That is where An Excellent Spirit and the rest of the blogosphere come in. Stay tuned. We will have frequent updates and the best and worst of the coming week.

Clinton Party of Two