An Excellent Spirit is comprised of a group of individuals who are self funded. Each of the individuals associated with An Excellent Spirit cares deeply about God, our country and our citizens and the immigrants who come in search of freedom. We cherish Life, Liberty and our individual right to pursue Happiness, which we define as God’s blessings of this life.

We have individually spent our lives in and dedicated ourselves to the disciplines of law and politics, to social justice for all peoples and, above all, to the tenets of the Christian and Jewish faiths.

An Excellent Spirit is not connected to, funded by or loyal to any individual, group, party, organization or ideology. We believe in the God of Heaven and Earth, in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and The Holy Spirit, the God who is the Spirit of Truth, our Comforter and Guide.

An Excellent Spirit covenants with our readers to provide a truthful, accurate and thought provoking resource where they can find information and opinions that will assist them in considering their positions, reactions and responses to the myriad issues confronting all peoples today.

In a Republic, the government is accomplished with the consent of a majority of the governed (we, the people). We choose Representatives to do the actual governing on our behalf, whether if is legislative, judicial or executive governance.

In a democratic republic, our choices matter. If we choose badly or so desire for any reason, we can fix it in the next election cycle or by recall or impeachment. We can even start over and get it right, but only if we, the People assemble peacefully, armed with enough information and intention.

Decisions are made by the people who show up, speak up, participate and VOTE. In order for that to be effective, the People must have enough knowledge and understanding to know the many sides of an issue or decision before making their decision as to who will represent them and what they are sent by the voters to do for the People.

All of this is done in a climate of freedom that allows and encourages free speech and free association. That fact often leads individuals and organizations to attempt to control both the number of those who show up to vote and the decisions as to who and what they vote for or against. This can often be, intentionally or otherwise, confusing fueled and driven by the passion, conviction, even mis-representation of essential facts and issues by the candidates, parties, the media and the culture.

How are we, the People to know what is true? How are we to understand the complexities of any issue or the ramifications of any action? What can any one person do or say that will affect anything or make anything better?

An Excellent Spirit has no acceptable, complete answer to these questions. What we do have is a starting point:

Every citizen can and should acquire sufficient information and facts to have an informed opinion. Then, everyone should pray, think and carefully consider what he or she would like to see happen. Everyone should take part in those processes that determine our choices, to the greatest extent possible

In today’s society and culture, with social media, email, telephone, text messaging and the amazing array of technology available to almost everyone, everywhere, the people can make an enormous difference. We, the People have it within our power to affect every action, decision and law. We can affect all branches of government so that they will actually begin to represent us, not themselves or the interests to which they may be loyal.

Those we elect, appoint, select and empower work for us! We, the People have the Power. We exercise that power by voting and working through those we select as our representatives.

Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

Those words are true only if we, the People are not foolish. We are foolish if each one of us  fails to participate to the fullest extent possible. That presumes a knowledgeable, involved and aware people or electorate. It means that access to information, reflective thought, prayer and a degree of commitment is necessary.

It requires, from all of us, “An Excellent Spirit”.

If we succeed, tell us. If we fail, tell us. If we do not know something, we will say so and try to find out for you. If you think that we have not been faithful to our mission, please say so.

We are all in this together. We should ever be mindful of that fact, in all that we think, do or say. God bless you. God bless America. God bless all peoples, tribes, tongues and nations. This is who we at An Excellent Spirit are.