Fiscal Cliff Update – Victor Davis Hanson and Scott Rasmussen

An Excellent Spirit continues our coverage of the Fiscal Cliff with this Jewish World Review article by Victor Davis Hanson. Hanson begins by reviewing the past four years. “We are still borrowing more than $1 trillion a year. Barack Obama has … Continue reading

The Future of the Republican Party

An Excellent Spirit, like the Most High God is no respecter of political parties, candidates or even pundits. That said, An Excellent Spirit has made no secret of our admiration for Thomas Sowell. We have posted on Professor Sowell many … Continue reading

The Presidential Debates Are About My Generation’s Future by Blake Sanders

Last week’s town hall presidential debate marked another important event in this historic Presidential race. The significance of events is often marked by the way in which they begin; and as far as I am concerned nothing is more significant … Continue reading