Memorial Day 2013


Monday, May 27th, America celebrates Memorial Day to honor those who have sacrificed their lives and fortunes for the Republic we are fortunate to live under. When I grew up, it was known as Decoration Day as well, standing for the decorations that were given, many posthumously, to the fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen and marines of America.

We, at An Excellent Spirit, join with all patriotic Americans in honoring those who have served and fallen in the fight to preserve the freedoms we cherish. We remember that our Founding Fathers paid for those freedoms with their lives and fortunes. Almost every one of them lost their lives and everything they had before, during and after the Revolution. Those who have come after them have suffered similar fates so we can remain free.

Texas Gov. Perry with Veteran at Memorial Day Celebration

This year, 2013, all Americans should have ample recent reminders of our freedoms and the cost some pay to defend and preserve them. The Benghazi Four are just the most recent men we remember on this solemn day. They are: Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Officer (former USAF), Glen Doherty, U.S. Embassy Security (former USN Seal) and Tyrone S. Woods, U.S. Embassy Security (former USN Seal). To their families, we pledge our prayers, our remembrance and our vigilance as a nation of people that their deaths will not be glossed over by those in power who would cast blame for their deaths on someone or something that is not true and faithful, as were each of these fallen heroes.

All Americans that value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and our God given right to those ideals and freedoms pray for all who sacrificed to secure and preserve our liberty. We ask God Almighty, the One Source of all Life to bless America, its President and Congress and Courts and those who have died to protect all of us from those who would see them trampled underfoot. Today is a day of prayer and of celebration to their memories and their dedication to our cause. God bless America!