America and The Spirit of Death – An Excellent Spirit Editorial

Mother running to safety with her children in Newtown at Sandy Lake Elementary School

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre that killed 20 innocent school children at the Sandy Lake Elementary School and six adults as well as the shooter, An Excellent Spirit is publishing this article on the Spirit of Death that is building in America. We began writing it two months ago and have been waiting for the Lord to release us to publish it. The time is now, unfortunately. We strongly recommend that our readers pray for the people of Newtown, Connecticut and for the people of America. The only remedy we know with which we can begin to deal with the terrible fear and emotions from events like these is to pray. Few of us know how those in Newtown feel and are coping with this tragedy. But we can pray to our God!

The Excellent Wife, in one of our recent conversations said, “America is living under a Spirit of Death”. Whenever The Excellent Wife speaks, we listen. Years ago, we heard from The Holy Spirit when, in exasperation, we complained to God, “why do You always talk to her and never to me?” God’s answer, like the answer of lot of men receive was, “I always talk more to those who listen than to those who do not. She listens. You do not. You are too busy doing and complaining to listen.”  Since then, when The Excellent Wife talks, we  listen.

When tragedy strikes America on a major scale, we are apt to look for reasons to help us understand and cope with it. We want to put it behind us as fast as possible and get back to our lives. Thus, there is the initial spate of stories, causes, culprits and details followed by silence. It is in that silence that the Spirit of Death finds permission to operate again and again. When 20 young elementary school children are killed, their lives snuffed out long before God intended, we must ask: exactly what is a Spirit of Death? We turned to for answers. “The Spirit of Death seems to be one that we hear very little about, but one that is nevertheless, very active in the demise of people, both Christian and non-Christian. This spirit’s greatest weapon is in his lack of recognition. In other words, the Spirit of Death is able to go around destroying lives, for the most part unchallenged, simply because people overlook him.” Emphasis ours. The article is interesting and informative, to say the least. Read the whole thing here.

The Spirit of Death – Artist Rendering

Many Americans would ask, “How do we know? How can we recognize this spirit?” Many would deny its existence altogether, preferring to avoid the whole subject. The facts, however, provide more than enough tangible, competent evidence of the truth of what The Excellent Wife said. The horrible and tragic events of Newtown were easily recognizable as coming from this Spirit of Death. Last September’s Libyan Embassy murders were not simply a response to a policy and certainly were not motivated by a movie trailer no one over in Libya had seen. They were part and parcel of the works of a Spirit of Death. The planes that destroyed the World Trade Center on 9-11 and took almost 3000 lives were piloted by Islamofanatics that clearly were operating under a sinister, evil spirit of Death. The list goes on and on and we can debate it, but we cannot deny that there is ample proof that we are being attacked by a spirit of death. “This spirit is a single identity, so is not omnipresent as is God, but he is a leader in charge of many other spirits. He has under his command other spirits such as sickness, despair, suicide, torment, murder, and a whole host of others. The good news is that all of these spirits, including Death, are subject to the Name of Jesus!” Emphasis ours.

Agent leading children to safety in Newtown on day of massacre.

One such spirit is certainly a spirit of lying. “We” certainly know about that one. Our government, the lamestream media and a host of other sources have driven Americans to presume that “we” are being systematically lied to! “We” have even started to do “their” job of finding facts and truth for “ourselves”. An Excellent Spirit has provided our readers with some help in this. Here

In order to break the Spirit of Death, “we” must first acknowledge it is operating and then “call upon the Name of The Lord” because, “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; (Philippians 2:10) Jesus repeatedly confronted demonic spirits and vanquished them, every time! He has given “us” (His disciples) authority to defeat every spirit that is not His! The way this actually works is explained here. America does not have to remain the victim of a spirit of death. Jesus said, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) The tragic, horrible deaths of our children that happened in Newtown and before that at Virginia Tech (2010) and Columbine, Colorado (2008) are not unconnected. We are always reminded of the movie Caddyshack when considering how the spirits work. In that movie, the country club groundskeeper (played hilariously by Bill Murray) was fighting against gophers that were eating up his golf course. The movie showed that on the surface it looked like there were many holes each unconnected to the other, but beneath the surface it showed that they were all connected by a series of tunnels. This is how the spirits work to confuse and confound us. It looks like everything is a separate occurrence on the surface of things. Beneath the surface, however, the works of the spirits that oppose God and His children and come to steal, kill and destroy, are all connected and operate as one. (John 10:10)

Gopher holes on the surface look separate. Beneath, however, they are all connected by tunnels.

The Spirit of Death is at work wherever man maintains ignorance of it or wherever God’s children make place for it to operate. That is how spirits work. God’s Word says “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.” (Proverbs 26:2) It should be certain that a Spirit of Death is a curse. It certainly is not a blessing and it either one or the other. (See; Deuteronomy 30:19)  So then, it is up to those of us who know their God and His Word to pray and to “do exploits” in the resistance of the horrible Spirit of Death that is at work in the country (and the world) today.

In the book of Daniel, one of the most accurate and significant prophets of God, Daniel was visited by an archangel. An archangel is one that comes directly from God, sent by God to his people to accomplish something that is God’s will. In Chapter 10 of Daniel, our story begins. Daniel had been praying, seeking God for how long the Jews would be captive in Babylon. God’s archangel Gabriel was sent to Daniel to tell him much more than that. “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.” The Angel went on, “Now I have come to           come.” Daniel listened as the Angel revealed what God would do between that time and the first coming of Jesus Christ, yet hundreds of years away. Astounded, Daniel told the Angel, “I am overcome with anguish because of the vision, my lord, and I am helpless. How can I, your servant, talk with you, my lord? My strength is gone and I can hardly breathe.”

The Angel Gabriel speaking to the prophet Daniel in Babylon.

The archangel (Gabriel, by most accounts) then told Daniel in some detail the events that would precede the birth, ministry, even the death of Jesus. (Daniel 10:20 through Daniel 11:31) Then the Angel said the words that we, the people who know God must rely upon if we are to resist the Spirit of Death in America. “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” (Daniel 11:32, NKJV) The enemy and his Spirit of Death, against the covenant of God Almighty will do wicked acts (Newtown) and corrupt in the aftermath of those acts, but the people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

An Excellent Spirit knows of no other way to oppose and defeat the Spirit of Death that is operating in America today. That is up to those of “us” who know our God and His Word. And to those who know that America is under God! While we pray for those who died or were injured in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, let us also pray that we, who know our God, will be empowered by Him to know and do the exploits necessary to oppose the Spirit of Death and defeat it. Amen.