Miles To Go Before “We” Get Back To Even

An Excellent Spirit warned everyone who would listen. We told people of things that virtually no one knew about or even cared about. We attempted to tell those we knew that the pundits, so-called conservative talk radio and TV were essentially ratings hounds, were  more interested in how their shows were doing than the truth or the outcome of any Election. They are ideologues, not to a political ideology as much to a media ideology that says that he who keeps his eye on the ratings will live to keep his eye on them another day. There would always be another Election, but what really mattered was would the Limbaugh’s O’Reilly’s, Morris’s, Hannity’s and even Beck’s be there to interpret our misery to “us”.

Rush Limbaugh with Barbara Walters his friend and often target on his show.

The stories abound and are just now reaching a sort of first crest. Among the most interesting is this one in the NY Times. “It was called “the Optimizer,” and, strategists for President Obama say it is how he beat a better-financed Republican opposition in the advertising war. Culling never-before-used data about viewing habits, and combining it with more personal information about the voters the campaign was trying to reach and persuade than was ever before available, the system allowed Mr. Obama’s team to direct advertising with a previously unheard-of level of efficiency, strategists from both sides agree. “Future campaigns ignore the targeting strategy of the Obama campaign of 2012 at their peril,” said Ken Goldstein, the president of Kantar Media/CMAG, a media monitoring firm that tracked and analyzed political advertising for both campaigns. “This was an unprecedented marrying of detailed information on viewing habits and political predispositions.” One of the biggest emerging stories about the campaign that has ended is how Mr. Obama’s team used information and technology to outmatch and outwit a galvanized and incredibly well-financed opposition. And in the days since the election new details are emerging about just how outmatched the Republicans were on the technology side, prompting a partywide re-examination of how to avoid a repeat and regain the once-fearsome tactical advantages they held in the era of President George W. Bush. They acknowledge they have their work cut out for themselves.” Read the whole thing.

It now seems likely that those who worked so hard for Romney and any number of Republican US Senate candidates, all of whom went down to defeat on November 6th, were victims of the strategy that Obama employed. And it was not only strategy; it was “an all of the above” usage of legal and illegal methods. As this PJ Tatler piece by Bryan Preston shows, It was virtually in the bag for Obama before it began. We tried to tell anyone who would listen for tat least four years, but the story will now be told, at least part of it. “Romney had ORCA, which flopped. Obama had “the Optimizer.” “The Optimizer” may have been a key to Obama’s win. In essence, said Larry Grisolano, who helped lead the development of the system, it created a new set of ratings based on the political leanings of categories of people the Obama campaign was interested in reaching, allowing the campaign to buy its advertising on political terms as opposed to traditional television industry terms.”

When the “fix” is in to the extent it was on November 6th, it is no wonder that the full catastrophe of voter fraud, dirty tricks (ORCA’s collapse on Election Day) and vote totals that defy belief (because those totals are not believable!) were rolled out. Preston concludes, “none of them by themselves explain why Obama’s base could be so dispirited yet still end up handing him another term. Obama had to find a way to bring new voters in to replace defectors, along with the other factors that ended up helping him. The trick was, he had to find voters who don’t know much about what’s going on in the world. All together, though, it looks more and more like Obama won a tactical rather than demographic or broader strategic victory. He and Axelrod had four years to build out their plans and machines. Each little piece — the Optimizer, the Voter Participation Center, the Obama Phones, outright cheating, plus efforts to depress Romney’s vote — played its part. What I’m saying is, Barack Obama and David Axelrod found a way to hack the election. Not literally, not hacking electronic voting machines or anything like that. They found every weakness in the system and their opponent and exploited them all. They bought votes where they could, they scrounged for new votes where they found them, they overwhelmed voter registrars with garbage registrations to slip some fraudulent votes in, etc. They didn’t win any one way so much as they won by pulling every move they could think of. They also fought countermeasures that might have defeated them, such as voter ID. They hacked their way back into power, and will use another weakness in the system — Harry Reid’s apathy toward keeping the Senate a strong constitutional body — to hack their way into more power.”

An Excellent Spirit has watched ultra liberal uber-technology groups on the Internet for years. In days ahead, we will be writing on their methods and what they are still doing, Election or not, every day. In order to defeat an enemy, you have to know that enemy and what he is doing. If “we” are not even aware of who the enemy is or what “they” are doing, how can “we” remain a free and prosperous people? The French poet, Charles Pierre Baudelaire is quoted as saying that “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist”. The 2012 version of that quote by Obama, Axelrod and Jarrett is being played out right before our eyes, on all of “us”. It is a long way back to even.

It does seem a little fuzzy, but President Obama did win. In the aftermath of such a stunning victory or theft or whatever Obama’s win turns out to be, all Americans need to pray for America. “We” must hear God and obey Him by taking action. Lord, please, we pray, give “our” leaders and thinkers and wisdom, knowledge and understanding to know what You would have “us” to do in this dark hour. “We” know there is no darkness in You, “no shadow of turning”, only light and peace and joy! In Jesus Name, we pray for America. Amen.