Polls- We Told Our Readers About Polls

An Excellent Spirit has told our readers about polls and what to watch for when evaluating their findings. Here This PJ Tatler story only proves what we have been saying about the lamestream media (they have their hand in most polls) “All polls with 1000 or more respondents favor Romney; all polls with smaller than 1000 respondents favor Obama (or are tied). Statisticians will tell you that the larger the sample size, the more reliable the poll. This fact is reflected in RCP’s “Margin of Error” (MoE) column, which shows a lower margin of error, and thus a greater level of reliability, for the large-sample pro-Romney polls. Each and every pro-Obama poll has a higher margin of error, and is thus less reliable. These are the facts as they currently stand, and they’ve been true like this almost every day since soon after the first debate when Romney surged in popularity. But Why? Have one guess!  

The question we must now ask ourselves is why only the weak polls with low response rates favor Obama? Read the whole thing here. Pay particular attention to the charts that show the reasons for the disparities. And don’t say we did not tell our readers, because we did! Stay tuned. Even though there are less than two weeks until the Election, “they” will not stop trying to mislead “us” and “we” will be right there.