A Hard Look At Islamist Doctrine

An Excellent Spirit brings its readers sources and information on events and issues that we know they will not get in the lamestream media. We have written on Andrew McCarthy before. He was the prosecutor of the World Trade Center bomber, the so-called “Blind Sheik” who is supposed to have inspired 9-11 and helped found the Muslim Brotherhood. McCarthy has a new book out, Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy. We highly recommend anything McCarthy writes to our readers.

Americans need to know the truth to remain free. We will never get it in the lamestream media. PJ Media has an excellent review of McCarthy’s book by Andrew Bostom. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims (2005/2008) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History (2008). (http://www.andrewbostom.org/blog/). The review is comprehensive, so An Excellent Spirit brings salient excerpts. “McCarthy makes his arguments with meticulous documentation, thoughtfulness, and trenchant wit. What follows are five of the most salient points McCarthy establishes, irrefragably, for the edification of all readers of this indispensable primer — policymakers, media pundits of various ilks, and, most importantly, concerned U.S. citizens.”

First McCarthy tackles freedom, Western vs Sharia, “There is a yawning gap between Western and Islamic conceptions of freedom — the latter being “hurriyya” in Arabic. Hurriyya is, as Ibn Arabi (d. 1240), the lionized “Greatest Sufi Master,” expressed it, “perfect slavery.” And this conception is not merely confined to the Sufis’ perhaps metaphorical understanding of the relationship between Allah the “master” and his human “slaves.”

Second the book deals with the totalitarian nature of Islam. “ McCarthy explains that Islam’s “innate resistance to real democracy” is epitomized by the installation of sharia — “Allah’s law” — because Islamic culture “is premised not on individual liberty but on the solidarity of the ummah [global Muslim community], to which the individual is expected to subordinate himself.”

Third is a close look at Sharia, well documented, not by critics of Islam, but by Islamic experts and writers, “McCarthy bluntly acknowledges Sharia’s ugly, living essence — founded upon Islam’s canonical texts (the Koran, and traditions of Islam’s prophet, or “hadith”) and classical jurisprudence — as a dehumanizing liberty-crushing system: open-ended jihadism to subjugate the world to a totalitarian Islamic order; rejection of bedrock Western liberties — including freedom of conscience and speech — enforced by imprisonment, beating, or death; discriminatory relegation of non-Muslims to outcast, vulnerable pariahs, and even Muslim women to subservient chattel; and barbaric punishments which violate human dignity, such as amputation for theft, stoning for adultery, and lashing for alcohol consumption. Furthermore, McCarthy adduces recent (i.e., May 17, 2011) Pew Global Attitudes polling data from major non-Arab as well as Arab Muslim societies”

Fourth McCarthy looks at Turkey, once the Ottoman Empire, the Caliphate, stretching across Islamic territory at its zenith. McCarthy “demonstrates convincingly that Erdogan, (now President) Gul, and the AKP Party — with mass, popular Turkish Muslim support — have outmaneuvered their secular rivals (notably in the Turkish military), and are presiding over Turkey’s complete, sharia-based Islamization. McCarthy elucidates succinctly the key details — shrewd and sinister machinations, such as longstanding alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as formal jihad terror organizations [i.e., Hamas, openly and defiantly, but even al Qaeda-affiliated individuals] and state sponsors, including Iran — which have allowed Erdogan and his AKP to successfully implement their ugly, if indigenously authentic and acceptable “vision” for Turkey. This patient, relentless program has engendered a Neo-Ottoman Turkey, imbued with an aggressive nostalgia for the Ottoman Caliphate era’s half-millennium of triumphant jihad, and rife with its traditional Islamic Jew (and broader non-Muslim infidel) hatred and contempt for Western freedoms.” The irony of the Islamist proclamation of the Caliphate is not lost on An Excellent Spirit. The Khilafah Conference 2012: ‘Muslims Rise – Caliphate Imminent” in Australia began “down under” on September 16th. Look at the videos and read the agenda if you don’t believe us.

Finally he covers the Muslim Brotherhood, our government’s so-called friend. McCarthy is well versed in their history and recent activities inside American government. “February 18, 2011 marked the triumphal return to Cairo of Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) “Spiritual Guide” Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Qaradawi’s own words, accompanied by images and actions during this appearance, re-affirmed his obscurantist, albeit mainstream Islamic Weltanschauung of Sharia-based, aggressive jihadism, and its corollary — virulent Jew and other infidel hatred, which should have shattered the delusive view that the turmoil leading to President Mubarak’s resignation augured the emergence of a modern, democratic Egyptian society devoted to Western conceptions of individual liberty and equality before the law. His Tahrir Square appearance foreshadowed events that have transpired, predictably, during the subsequent nineteen months, till now, punctuated by the open ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and party affiliates, within Egypt, and across North Africa and the entire Middle East. Indeed, Qaradawi’s February 18, 2011, “khutbah,” or sermon, to the adoring Muslim throngs that day reflected the longstanding aspirations of “martyred” Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna, and was symbolic of an Islamic revival begun earlier by the so-called “Al-Manar modernists” — Jamal Al-Din Afghani, Muhammad Abduh, and Muhammad Rashid Rida — more than a century before Qaradawi took the stage at Tahrir Square.” Front Page Magazine has this on the Muslim Brotherhood’s intimacy with the Obama Administration.

The review, like the book, is long, but life is short and could get a lot shorter if Islamists get their Caliphate and dominate the world. That would include “us”. If that happens, “They” would be the end of “us”! Read the whole review. Then get the book.