American Gulags: Academia’s Re-education Of Our Children

An Excellent Spirit believes it is tragic that each year we parents send our children to American Gulags. We begin in September and deliver our children to academia’s socialist, “progressive”, anti-Christian, anti- everything that made America great and prosperous “schools” in early June. This, from Mike Adams in would be humorous, if it were not tragically accurate. (Link)

“In one week, it starts all over again. Thousands of young people will enroll in classes in the sixteen-campus University of North Carolina system. Before the first day of class is over, the professors and administrators will begin the assault on students and their Judeo-Christian values. Parents will have spent their entire lives saving money that will ultimately be used to turn their children against them. Students will unlearn everything they were taught about the foundations of liberty, the basis of morality, and will even begin questioning the very existence of truth. Before long, many parents will realize they have risked bankruptcy funding a legacy of intellectual and moral impoverishment.

I realized the situation was bad when a military officer wrote me a few years ago. While he was off serving his country, his twin teenaged girls were enrolling at Rice University. During “O” week, Rice orientation week, their orientation leader told them it was time to “experiment with their sexual liberty” now that they were off at college and away from their parents. The military officer was outraged over the incident – as he should have been. More parents would be outraged if only they were paying attention.”

Read the whole thing. If American parents do not know the truth, neither we nor our children will remain free. Mike Adams has a humorous, but authoritative way of telling us how the academic culture really operates and affects our children. Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts “Womyn” On Campus. He writes serious and frequently hilarious columns in An Excellent Spirit also recommends these recent Townhall pieces by Professor Mike. Read them, we bet you will like them:

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