Great Night At The Republican National Convention!

Thursday night at the Republican National Convention was the best night of three of the best nights An Excellent Spirit has ever witnessed in political conventions. We look forward with great anticipation to next week’s Democratic National Convention. The Democrats have their work cut out for them, but have always known how to put on a show. Whether it is a progression of “progressive” Hollywood celebrities telling us how to vote for  “their” guy or the “lamestream media” reminding us all why “they” cannot seem to get it right, we will be watching as the President’s party has the spotlight. We will show and tell our readers what we see and hear.

Leading off in the lineup of Thursday’s highlights from the RNC was Dirty Harry played by actor Clint Eastwood who entertained the convention with his questions for an empty chair he said was President Obama. The penultimate speaker was the youthful Latino (Cubano) US Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio, once again demonstrated why he will be a force in this election and for the next generation. For those who did not see his speech, it is linked here.

Rubio spoke eloquently and, at times, emphatically before he introduced the Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney. Romney had hard acts to follow! The convention that began with his wife Ann was followed Wednesday night by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s brilliant demonstration of her intellect, her journey and her heart for America,  then brilliantly followed by the inspirational New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez who told us she is today’s Latina “Pistol Packing Mama” and concluding the evening with the stem-winding up best vice-presidential address we ever heard from Paul Ryan. 

Last night Mitt Romney did not mesmerize his audience with lofty rhetoric. Rather, he inspired the convention and delegates with his vision! Romney’s vision is not one filled with soaring phrases and climb every mountain promises. Nevertheless it is personal and passionate for America. Let us see if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can communicate their vision so as to inspire America in November. An Excellent Spirit will link to the entire speech when posted on You Tube. Meanwhile, you can go here to see the Washington Post’s photo gallery of the night.

The Way It Is – Not The Way It Was

An Excellent Spirit is looking at the national conventions of the two parties for some signal that the politicians get where Americans are and have some proposals that can possibly deal with our precipitous fall from pre-eminence. Gopusa observes,“The Republican Convention is finally underway in Tampa, Romney has been nominated, and the speeches are in full swing.  Expect lots of wind and hot-air.” (Link) Wind and hot air are not what Americans are looking for. “Campaign rhetoric, wind, to be sure, but “the path forward” is a relevant topic.”  November’s election is about more than wind, it is about “the path” that this nation will take for the rest of this century and beyond.  This election will determine whether the principles upon which this nation was founded will endure or whether Americans will turn away from that national heritage toward a divisive “progressive” entitlement society that cannot endure.Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Every American, in both parties, should read the Gopusa commentary. Ask yourself, if what’s now blowing in the wind is the way “we” want to go? Or is it the way that “they” want to take America?  Only the People can decide if we want to go “Forward” or if Americans want to turn around and start over, seeking a different, better direction. Read the whole thing. And Remember To Vote In November!

This Weekend On An Excellent Spirit

It will be a busy Saturday and Sunday on An Excellent Spirit. Our excellent assistant editor, Blake Sanders will post another article challenging his generation to action for their future. We will wind up coverage of the RNC and begin to prepare for the Democratic National Convention next week. We will also try to cover all of the important issues that are never far from us, whether the “lamestream media” deigns to tell us about them or not. Like we said, a busy few days. Best of all, the Excellent Son will join us! Don’t miss Blake Sanders, The Promise of My Generation! If you do, you (and we) will be sorry!

Today’s Humor

Media Coverage of RNC – Why it is “lamestream”!

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Neither hope nor change, but not dreams either. We hope it is the promise of the change that is to come. 

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Could “you didn’t build that” be the line that decides the Election?


Ann Romney’s Grand Slam

Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, An Excellent Spirit witnessed a brilliant, heretofore unheralded performance by a woman, Ann Romney, the wife of the Presidential nominee. It was simply the finest moment witnessed to date at any national convention and in Presidential politics. Those fortunate enough to tune in watched as the Word of God came to life in front of tens of millions of Americans. The wisdom of Proverbs 18:22 came right into our living rooms, “A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”

Ann Romney hit a home run. No, she hit a grand slam. She touched all the bases. She spoke deeply to women of all ages, races and incomes. She spoke to wives and mothers in a way no previous First Lady has been able to speak. And she did something women are not supposed to do. She upstaged every man who will appear or speak at either of the two national conventions. Nice going, Mrs. Romney. Mitt Romney certainly found a good thing 47 years ago and we all are fortunate that he did not miss it.

Do yourself a favor. Whether you saw Ann Romney Tuesday night or not, go to You Tube and watch the entire speech here. If you do not, you will have to take the word of some pundit from our “lamestream media”. What a waste that would be of a great lady’s great night. Hats off to Ann Romney and hats off to her husband, the Republican nominee for President.

Update: “Lamestream Media” Covers The Romneys

An Excellent Spirit no sooner finished the above post than we watched these two videos. They are beneath contempt, but typical of the “Loony Left’s narrative. See for yourselves. In the first, listen to the first ten seconds carefully and you will hear the left’s prejudicial and ridiculous mentality at its worst. It apparently was so bad that it got the speaker fired.

In the second, Fox commentator Juan Williams makes us all wonder why Fox hired this narrow minded, leftist reject when he was fired by NPR. Apparently Fox’s quality of mercy and compassion has been strained to the limit in Williams. See for yourself if An Excellent Spirit and Americans view things as he does.

If Americans do not watch these conventions for themselves, it is clear that they will never know the truth about who said what and how they said it. All they will hear is the “Looney Left”.


Unemployment In America Now

An Excellent Spirit knows that any post on unemployment is problematic, depending as it does on more than a simple calculus of the number of people out of work. First, our government counts the way it wants to measure the number of workers out of a job and actively looking for work. That is the number of unemployed reported in the jobs report each month. Then there is the number who are out of work, but have been discouraged and do not look for work actively. In addition, there are those who are working and are not working in the field or job they trained for. Those are underemployed. If all three categories were added together, unemployment would be between 11 and 13%, possibly higher. 

This graph from Finance illustrates for those who, unlike us, are visually or technically oriented.

Pethokoukis' Big Chart

The graph makes clear the size of the deception that the published monthly job figures work on Americans. The graph and the article also make clear that Americans need solutions from the parties and the candidates before November. That should be priority One for American voters in November. Americans want jobs, not rhetoric. Tens of millions need gainful employment, not culture or class warfare! Get us back to where we can pay our bills and we can begin to think about all that other stuff.Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

What is not shown in the graph is the number of black (14.3%) and Hispanic (11.7%) unemployed. Neither are we given the figures for youth unemployment. White youth are at 17-19% out of work; Hispanic youth are at 22.5% and Black youth at a staggering 40+%. Many of our seniors are forced to work to make it financially. There are about 30% of formerly retired senior rejoining the work force. They have to since the government trashed their retirement accounts and Social Security is threatened almost daily in the media.

These figures from Hot Air are useful. Those from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is the most authoritative. They show that for that in “July, 2.5 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force, down from 2.8 million a year earlier. (These data are not seasonally adjusted.) These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey. (See table A-16) Among the marginally attached, there were 852,000 discouraged workers in July, a decline of 267,000 from a year earlier. (These data are not seasonally adjusted.) Discouraged workers are persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them. The remaining 1.7 million persons marginally attached to the labor force in July had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey for reasons such as school attendance or family responsibilities.”

Bottom Line? There is no bottom line. It is not working! The video on the Finance column is clearly nothing but fantasy. See for yourself. The article has two graphs, only one of which we posted. If Americans carefully look at all the categories and sub groups that are reported, only one thing is clear. We have over 23 million people who are not working in jobs they like, are qualified for, are full time or are working at all. Some economists suspect the actual number is much higher due to those under 30 workers who are in need of jobs, no longer in school, but cannot find work. If you add to that the millions of new applications for permanent and temporary disability that are filed each month, the number goes still higher. We add more “takers” to the ranks each month.  America is in a real fiscal typhoon! Read and watch the whole thing.Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Americans will be watching the national conventions of both parties and the candidates. If we do not hear some realistic answers from Tampa and Charlotte, Americans will remember in November-and beyond. Stay tuned.

Today’s Humor

Too many Americans are already under water to laugh at this!

This is what “revisionist history” looks and sounds like. Can “we” please have the truth, for a change?



New Threats Of Raising Our Taxes-Are “They” Kidding?

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, President Obama said America had to raise taxes or our national defense would be harmed, “President Obama said Monday the “the only thing” allowing the sequestration to proceed is Republicans’ unwillingness to raise certain taxes, in an interview with WVEC in Hampton Roads, Va.” Incredible! OUr President fails to understand that America must have a strong defense and Americans want an end to all bailouts. stimulus and crony capitalism.

Message to the President, Congress and both parties as they convene: Americans are sick of stimulating an economy that has not responded to more spending and more tax money given to protect crony companies that fail anyway. Americans do not want another bailout of any kind for any industry with “our” tax money. We demand that our government (the President, his administration and our Congress), keep our taxes low and our spending lower. Reduce our National Debt now and immediately fully fund our national defense with no tax increases, no Buffet Rule, no gimmicks! Just the truth, for once from Washington!Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

America is watching carefully and we will remember in November. Americans will Vote just as carefully. 

More Wisdom From Thomas Sowell

An Excellent Spirit has sung the praises of Professor Thomas Sowell of The Hoover Institute at Stanford University before. The man just keeps giving us reasons to do so. This article in is his latest gem. Prof. Sowell explains America’s continuing inability to get any workable solution to our health care insurance challenges better than we have ever heard it done. “Too many political “solutions” are solutions to problems created by previous political “solutions” — and will be followed by new problems created by their current “solutions.” There is no free lunch. In the case of health insurance, there is not even an inexpensive lunch.”

Typically, Sowell hits the problem at its core. “There is no inherent reason for employers to be involved, in the first place. The fact that some guy manufactures furniture or plumbing fixtures in no way qualifies him to understand insurance for his employees. Including him in the loop adds another unnecessary layer of bureaucratic costs. Political risks are the biggest risks.”

It is too bad that America can’t get Thomas Sowell in Congress or as Secretary of Commerce or something. Imagine that? Someone who actually knows the problem and has a good idea or two of how to solve it. For Americans benefit, not for his own.

Get “Our” Money For Nothing And “Your” Bailouts For Free!

Let’s see if An Excellent Spirit has this right: General Motors is asking its bankers for more billions in stimulus, bail outs or whatever to pay off its pension obligations to UAW workers with “our” money? As soon as we read that, Dire Straits, “Money For Nothing” began to echo in our spirit. (Link  Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Please tell “us” that this is not the same GM that received billions in bailout funds from the Federal Government in 2009. Tell “us” it is not the same GM that has been reported as engaging in the same shoddy “sub-prime” loans to pump up its car sales at the expense of the same people who lost hundreds of thousands of homes per Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac sub-primes? (Link) Tell “us” that “they” will not give away more of “our” money to the poorly run, UAW dominated dwarf that GM has become.Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

For the record, GM received some 33-34 billion from US taxpayer’s money to finance their bailout in 2009. The Obama Administration says it saved the US auto industry. But at what cost? GM will never repay “us” what “they” gave to GM and its UAW workers and what it will continue to give to the unions that in large part caused the financial collapse of the former US giant automaker. (Link)

This is not the first time “our” money has been redistributed. As the Wall St. Journal reported back in 2009, President Obama decided that giving GM’s union workers billions was the “right thing” to do. GM to date still has not repaid over 25 Billion to the American taxpayers. (Link) Now, with all “our” money, GM needs more from banks? If they do not pay the banks back, guess to whom they will turn? You’ve got it, “they” will turn to “us”!Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

In Washington, DC and in GM plants around the USA, “they” are singing “That ain’t working; that’s the way you do it. Get your money for nothing and your bailouts for free!” Someone, please help “us”. All “we” do is make it and pay the bill for “their” bailouts of “Government Motors”, another Crony Socialist company brought to “us” by “them”.Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Today’s Humor

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Off to the RNC. In search of a new America. Let’s hope Americans find some answers to all thier questions.

You think “they” will ever learn? The People want less wrangling and more solutions “we” can count on. Remember in November!

All it takes is putting families and children first. “We” can do it! The question is: will “they”? 

Bulletin: Republicans Nominate Mitt Romney For President

With little fanfare and much unanimity, Republicans today in Hurricane threatened Tampa, let loose their own storm. The nomination of Mitt Romney started their national convention that will hear from the candidate’s wife Ann Romney, keynote speaker, NJ Gov. Chris Christie, Hispanic Florida Senator Paul Rubio, Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan and others. How much attention Americans pay to any of this is anyone’s guess. If the conventions do their jobs, and Americans do theirs, we all will be better able to choose in this election of the century.

An Excellent Spirit hopes our readers will watch both conventions, critically. Don’t let the pundits and the “lamestream media” do your job for you. That is the reason Americans do not like where we are. As Jesus said to His disciples, when He came to them in Gethsemane, “He ………… found them asleep, and said to Peter, What, could you not watch with Me one hour?  Watch and pray, that you do not enter into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26-40, 41. Emphasis ours.

America indeed has a willing spirit, but we just as clearly have a weak flesh. The results Americans are getting are not to our liking at all, despite our groaning and complaining. That will not get it done, America. Let us hope that this nomination is the first step to a better America. Let us hope it is continued in North Carolina at the Democratic Convention next week. It is time to hold both parties accountable for their actions and their programs. Watch and pray! And Remember in November! VOTE! For a better America. 

Our National Conventions-Getting Us Ready- For What?

With Monday’s delay in the start of the two parties’ national conventions, An Excellent Spirit takes the opportunity to address what we believe (and we hope will be addressed) are the main issues America faces today. Let us all hope that these issues get some attention so that they are more in focus after the upcoming two-weeks of political circus filled with political dis-information is over. We cover these in no specific order or ranking of importance; they are all critical to America’s future.

First is the Fiscal Cliff. This article from Townhall Finance editor John Ransom covers it well. “The Golden State, which once represented the promise of America, is mired in swampland of broken promises, graft, political stupidity and liberal fantasy. And if California represents the very best government that liberals can give us- and it likely does- then this country had better take a deep breath and step away from progressive math. Because, it just doesn’t add up“. Emphasis ours, Read the whole thing.  

Next is the Middle East and the increasing prospects for war between Israel and Iran. This centuries old mess has not been improved by Iran nearing having nuclear weapons and the consequent destabilization of world peace and the world economy. It has most certainly not been helped by our nation’s confused foreign policy. This article from Pajamas Media covers most of the pessimistic story. “At the Gatestone Institute, a group of journalists with diverse backgrounds and outlooks reviews world events with a view to American security, with special emphasis on the Middle East. Our focus this week: What does Israel do in the context of a debacle in U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration? Our conclusion is that Israel’s reasons to strike Iran have multiplied with the emergence of a Muslim Brotherhood threat on its southern border and the possibility of an Egyptian-Iranian rapprochement.” The article concludes with this prospect, “The Israeli government will make the difficult choice on its own, independent of what outside analysts might say. But the events of the past week surely strengthen the case that there is far less to lose by attacking Iran than the Obama administration believes.” If this does not get the attention of America, it soon will.

Finally are what An Excellent Spirit terms cultural issues. The “lamestream media” with its real bias in favor of the “progressive”, anything goes mentality will not report on this, but Americans know all about it. They experience it everyday in their own homes, with their own children and, worst of all, with the increasing dumbing down of our culture through more and more disgusting, demonic and sexually offensive programming day and night. Whether it is abortion, the HHH Mandate, same sex marriage, violence in schools, theaters or at groups and organizations that someone does not like, we have come to expect death and mayhem in our midst. And fear it for ourselves, no matter where we live. These two articles on abortion are instructive, even hopeful. We will have more. (Here and Here)

That is a tall order for the two partisan prima donna festivals that America calls national conventions. Is it too much for Americans to ask for or hope that those in both parties will stop trying to confuse and confound voters and instead address the daunting subjects of the economy, foreign policy and morality issues forthrightly? We will all see. Dinesh D’Sousa, writer and producer of the new movie 2016-Obama’s America, now in theaters, says what many Americans think:


Why Women Really Matter In This Election

An Excellent Spirit has posted on the “war on women” and other repulsive attempts to direct the vote of women on the part of the “lamestream media” and leftist politicos. Who was Sandra Fluke before she was created by the left and their media lap dogs? ( Here, here and here)

This article from Jackie Gingrich Cushman gives us come compelling information. “(I)t may surprise you to learn that women matter more than might be evident. Why? They outvote men.” Ms. Cushman, incidentally, the daughter of Newt, continues, citing statistics from a recent Pew Survey, “The issues most often cited as very important by women after the economy were jobs (86 percent), health care (80 percent), education (79 percent) and the budget deficit (72 percent). Of the 18 issues included in the survey, abortion ranked 15th, with 44 percent of women saying it was very important. Birth control ranked 17th, with 40 percent of women saying it was very important. Women are more likely than men to pay the household bills, acting as their families’ chief financial officers. They also act as the chief medical officers, controlling $2 of every $3 spent on health care. This might explain why more women (80 percent) than men (69 percent) indicated that health care was very important to their vote. Women, more than men, control the decisions for how the dollars are spent for health care. This same survey noted that men supported presumed GOP candidate Mitt Romney over Obama (50 percent to 44 percent), while women supported Obama over Romney (53 percent to 40 percent).”

An Excellent Spirit know that the “lamestream media” definition of woman never considers them as thinking, practical beings, just “progressive” anti-all things conservative activists. Why else would facts like women losing almost 800,000 jobs because of our economic morass remain virtually unreported? (Here) Why are there no interviews of women addressing their concerns for their sons and daughters who are moving back into their homes and without employment after graduation? (Here and here) Is it simply “political correctness” that keeps these “feminist” media denizens from reporting on the anti-woman (and kill all Gays) culture of Islamofacists? See:Here

Instead, as recently noted, Americans get only slanted, twisted and repulsive reporting (Here). An Excellent Spirit believes that Jackie Gingrich Cushman is right. We also believe that women will respond to the distorted representations of women and their views in November. Others do as well. That’s why these recent ads appeared. (Here and here) They are betting that women are paying attention to more than the “lamestream media”.

%7B8bec34ef d0bb 405e b5f0 96094e31a6dc%7D War on women

An Excellent Spirit is. We are against any war on women. Peace with the Excellent Wife has always been a top priority and a decisive issue in our house!

Update-US Nears 16 Trillion National Debt

Sometime in the next two weeks, America’s National Debt should pass 16 trillion dollars! This is not the news any American wants. Whether it influences our vote in November, as it should, is yet to be determined. (LinkAn Excellent Spirit agrees with candidate Obama. It is a shame we cannot agree with President Obama. Look at the video in the link and see for yourself.

Today’s Humor

At the Republican National Convention, we encountered a one-term problem- for Americans! 

We should begin every national convention with this extremist oath.


Who Is Mitt Romney?

Today, August 27th begins the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, weather permitting. Leaving past elections aside, even the most recent Presidential Election, America must now ask the question that until now has gone unanswered: what do we know about Mitt Romney? Not what the media, or Barack Obama, David Axelrod, Joe Biden, Harry Reid or DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have to tell Americans. “They” seem to believe that “we” are stupid and easily led around by their blatant propaganda. If “they” did not, “they” would not continue to inundate “us” with negative campaign spots despite their own polls that continually tell “them” they are wasting our time and “their” money. Americans do not believe that litany of lies. Anyone who believes there is more than a spurious connection between anything the aforementioned have to say about Mitt Romney and the truth about Mitt Romney is really in trouble. Why else does the media think that “their” ratings and readership have declined, and will continue to do so? 

There are some things we know without being told a lot of fluff and spin. Mitt Romney is a family man of considerable wealth. He appears to have a large, attractive family. His wife Ann is a cancer survivor who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as well. She is also the active mother of five sons and a staunch supporter of her husband. A convert to Mormonism, Ann Romney often introduces her husband on the campaign trail. Theirs is a good looking family. Still, Americans lack more than a smidgen about a man who is reputed to be worth somewhere north of $250 million dollars. Then there are the outrageous charges, repeated in almost every story and every TV report that this man running for President somehow did not pay any taxes for ten years. (His last two tax returns show he paid the proper amount (average of almost 14% of his taxable income) and gave away another 3 million to charitable causes annually.) More about these absurd, unsupported by evidence, charges later.

We also know that Mitt Romney was very successful in business and made significant profits for his clients and for himself. We know that his Democrat detractors claim he was responsible for deaths, lost jobs and all manner of grief and insensitivity toward his fellow man. How Mitt Romney did all this evil is unclear, though absurd to most of “us”. Those of us who have watched Fox News know that there are many testimonies of Bain Capital’s successes and few of its failures. We have seen dozens of present and former employees trumpet Mitt’s praises and acumen. The bottom line is that Mitt Romney spent most of his life in business, was eminently successful, got things done and has a record that Americans can study. What is questionable is whether Americans will ever manage to get that record.

What Americans do know is that Mitt Romney stood with his wife and somehow they triumphed over her grave illnesses. Anyone who has gone through that kind of living hell knows that it takes character, love and a good prayer life. We also know that, in 1999, shortly after wife Ann’s multiple sclerosis had improved with therapy, Mitt was asked to take over the struggling 2002 Summer Olympics and Para-Olympics in Utah. With his wife’s encouragement and support, Mitt Romney took it over, turned it around and hosted a successful games that finished with a surplus of $l00 Million Dollars.

That is the long and short of Mitt Romney to date. It certainly sounds a lot better than the “lamestream media” narrative we have been subjected to and that will be at warp speed starting Monday. To which An Excellent Spirit and most Americans say, “Blah. Blah. Blah”. Nevertheless, the discerning American people ask, is that all there is? What about those  claims that Romney paid no taxes for 10 years? We have seen no proof, but is there any? Will anyone tell us the truth, about anything? What about the fact that he looks more like a picture and less a flesh and blood, living, breathing man? An Excellent Spirit, in a separate post, will tell our readers about sources available that can give them the ability to get answers to these and other questions.

An Excellent Spirit knows that personal information is zealously guarded and carefully managed about those running for President. We will not take the several pages we would need here to repeat just a few of the rumors, questions, associations and actions of President Obama that trouble many. This inquiry is about Mitt Romney. Who, exactly, is Mitt Romney? Is he the man that has been accused of killing the wife of a worker he fired? Is he the Mitt Romney who will destroy women’s rights and ruin our senior citizens? How can we Americans know the truth about him?

An Excellent Spirit looked and, guess what? We found some unreported information. Credible, documented information that our media, somehow, could not dig up! Imagine that?

An Excellent Spirit came across this story that we think is quite revealing as to the character and resourcefulness of Mitt Romney. It is one that you will probably not see in the “lamestream media” so we feel obligated to bring it to you. The story is from the Tampa Bay Times ”Polifact” and is currently circulating on email, Facebook, and blogs. It says that Romney helped a colleague of his at Bain Capital locate his missing teenage daughter.

“In July 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner at Bain Capital, had disappeared,” the story reads. “She had attended a rave party in New York City and gotten high on ecstasy.” “Three days later, her distraught father had no idea where she was. Romney took immediate action. He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to help find Gay’s daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective firm to assist with the search. He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with the NYPD, and went through his Rolodex and called everyone Bain did business with in New York and asked them to help find his friend’s missing daughter. Romney’s accountants at Price Waterhouse Cooper put up posters on street poles, while cashiers at a pharmacy owned by Bain put fliers in the bag of every shopper. Romney and the other Bain employees scoured every part of New York and talked with everyone they could – prostitutes, drug addicts – anyone.” “That day, their hunt made the evening news, which featured photos of the girl and the Bain employees searching for her. As a result, a teenage boy phoned in, asked if there was a reward, and then hung up abruptly. The NYPD traced the call to a home in New Jersey, where they found the girl in the basement, shivering and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a massive ecstasy dose. Doctors later said the girl might not have survived another day. Romney’s former partner credits Mitt Romney with saving his daughter’s life, saying, ‘It was the most amazing thing, and I’ll never forget this to the day I die.’Read the whole thing. Whether you have children or not, what Mitt Romney did speaks volumes about what kind of man he is. He is an American hero!

Finally, this story, from Just One Minute Typepad sheds a bright light on Romney’s tax-paying history. They point out that a recent NY Times article proves that Romney paid taxes all those years that Senate Majority Leader Reid said that Romney did not. The proof we unearthed with our cursory search is conclusive proof. The kind of proof that people like the diminutive and despicable Reid cannot spin. Maybe that is why our “lamestream media” could not find it. See for yourself. 

As Just One Minute points out in its article, NY Times – Romney Has Been Paying Federal Taxes For Last Decade, “Despite their “questions have been raised” headline about Romney’s taxes, the NY Times provides an early answer to one obvious question raised by Senator Harry Reid: “But even though he has not released his returns from earlier years, the 2010 return sheds some light on those years. That’s because Mr. Romney paid income tax to foreign countries, and as result claimed in 2010 a $129,697 foreign tax credit, which he used to offset taxes he owed in the United States. American taxpayers who claim the foreign tax credit are required to report their total foreign taxes paid and tax credits used for the previous 10 years. So that return contains foreign tax data going back to 2000.” “The good news for Mr. Romney is the forms suggest that he paid at least some federal income tax every year, as he has said he did. He used the foreign tax credit every year to offset his taxes in the United States, and American taxpayers can’t use a tax credit if they owe no federal income tax. This casts even more doubt on the claim by the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, attributed to an unnamed Bain Capital source, that Mr. Romney paid no income taxes during that time.”

An Excellent Spirit concludes that the NYT article provides almost irrefutable proof that Reid is lying. If a taxpayer claimed the foreign tax credit falsely, he would be putting himself and all he has in criminal jeopardy in both America and the foreign country. Both the IRS and the foreign country would, of a certainty, have verified the Romney tax return. Harry Reid is a bald-faced liar!

So, there we have it, America. We now know some things about Mitt Romney, the man we are being asked to trust with our nation’s rather shaky future. First, he is a good, loving, stalwart husband and family man. Second, he is courageous, resourceful and compassionate when confronted with a problem someone else cannot solve. Third, he gets things done on a large scale, effectively. Fourth, he is the victim of attacks from his adversaries that are really beneath our contempt. An Excellent Spirit has said, if “they” are against you and cover up the good about you and lie about you and accuse you without any proof, you must be a pretty good, reliable person that “they” are deathly afraid of. An Excellent Spirit believes that we should get to know those like Mitt Romney that “they” tell us to avoid.

Mitt Romney, upon closer inspection, begins to look like the kind of President that America might need in this critical time. Remember in November! And VOTE!

How To Be Informed On The Issues

An Excellent Spirit intended to discuss alternative sources to the Mainstream Media with its readers before now. Every day since we began, there was always hard news that our readers needed to know about. With the nominating conventions of both major political parties beginning today with the Republican National Convention and continuing next week with the Democratic National Convention, we know that Americans will be at the mercy of the tsunami of spin, obfuscation and lies told by practiced liars to an extent that will be unprecedented in America to date.

Americans have many questions and issues they want information about. Unfortunately, most of those questions Americans are left to answer for themselves. It is almost impossible to believe that the People will get answers from the “lamestream media” that only has eyes (and favorable print) for President Obama. How are Americans to get answers to their questions? Where can the People get trustworthy information? How hard is it to get it and how much time will that take? These are but a few of the obstacles Americans face today.

An Excellent Spirit has a few suggestions. First, believe almost nothing you read in the major print media or see on major networks, especially from those who are paid to have an opinion. The truth about the pundits and so-called “experts” is that they are professionals who work for their publishers. Those publishers hire editors who assign stories on issues and personalities, then edit them so they turn out the way the publisher (who is paying for them) wants them. Our second suggestion is that you run, fast from and don’t stop to look back at anyone who tells you that our first suggestion is false or really not necessary. He or she is lying and will mislead you, over and over, in favor of their candidate or narrative.

Next, An Excellent Spirit strongly recommends that you develop 5 to 10 Internet websites devoted to reporting news and significant events, together with their commentaries, analysis and opinions on major issues. These sources should include a reliable and authoritative “traditional”, neutral news site like the Wall St. Journal online, a middle of the road organization that has a history of somewhat courageous reporting. Then get a Solid “progressive” news site. We recommend the Washington Post – they seem a little less strident in their “progressive orthodoxy” and possibly less full of Kool-Aid. Finally get a “right” site for balance. Conservative online sites like the Weekly Standard or National Review or The Washington Times are good choices.

Once you are through with that, you’re about a quarter of the way where you must to be to rely upon your information as being comprehensive and up to the task. You have to be able to evaluate information and the many competing sources so you are in position to weigh the information for accuracy and credibility as do the blogs and their sources. An Excellent Spirit confidently recommends such blogs as The Drudge Report, a pioneer in the blogosphere, Instapundit (Prof Glenn Harlan Reynolds), possibly the best and most trustworthy blog,, the website of the late Andrew Brietbart that has as much, if not more influence after his untimely death this March, Pajamas Media and PJ Tatler both interesting and reliable sites run by Roger Simon, an experienced, professional who is a central figure in more than a few blogs with wide readership.  Then, try Real Clear Politics, a middle of the road compiler of articles, opinions and information on a wide variety of political subjects.

We also suggest our readers read from the following sites as often as possible: Daily Caller, Politico Daily Digest, Front Page Magazine and Discover the Networks (David Horowitz) and our favorites Jonathan Garthwaite ( and Jewish World Report. Each of these gems carries a wide variety of columns and authoritative reports. Where else can you get Thomas Sowell, David Horowitz, George Friedman of Stratfor, Bill O’Reilly, Mike Brown, Mike Adams and others (Townhall) and Clifford May, Vince Gaffney, Victor Davis Hanson, Larry Elder and a cast of Jews and Gentiles with an occasional Hindu or Muslim thrown in (JWR)? Read these two and you are getting a lot of reliable information against which to test the rest of what is out there.

As you continue, you will add sites and blogs that are necessary for your research. An Excellent Spirit relies on the Volokh Conspiracy and Legal Insurrection (law professors Eugene Volokh and William H. Jacobson) for legal issues, Judicial Watch for Freedom of Information (FOIA) and chronicles of government corruption, The Rubin Report for news on the Middle East, Israel, Iran and foreign policy issues across the board. To these, we try to read more than occasionally Accuracy in Media, Trevor Louden’s New Zeal Blog and Godfather Politics. Finally sites like The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute have been reliable for so long that they are often overlooked as what they publish is so universally relied upon as to make some feel they do not have to go there. That is a mistake. Go there and get what they say on the issue you are interested in. Nobody does it better than these venerable institutions.

We said all this to tell you that completing this tour of the blog/media/website world will take you up to about 65% of the information out there. An Excellent Spirit relies upon and recommends each of these to our readers. The sources that you will ultimately develop from your continuing interaction will result in you being well informed almost 100% of the time, as long as you do not stray too far afield.

Recent Presidential Elections and decades of congressional elections have proved beyond peradventure that depending on the traditional media for information is often a misleading slog through the dark, manipulated and mendacious waters of politics, parties and wealthy, connected egos for anyone seeking truth and facts. Too often the result is that critical, even significant qualifying facts are overlooked in the media uproar that some devious interest orchestrates for cover or, worse, self-interest.

One of the most murderous leaders in history once said, “the journey of a thousand miles is begun with a single step.” An Excellent Spirit hopes that our readers will begin the long march to the sweet, fresh air of freedom before it is too late. God bless America.

Update: The Fiscal Cliff

From comes this story about the Congressional Budget Office and their grim forecast for 2013. “The Congressional Budget Office has concluded that the massive U.S. government spending cuts and tax hikes that will arrive next January will have more catastrophic economic effects than they had earlier predicted. The impact of around $500 billion in expiring tax cuts and automatic spending reductions set for 2013 could drive the economy into a greater recession. CBO director Doug Elmendorf said Americans should expect a “significant recession” and the loss of some two million jobs. He added that the fact that the government hasn’t committed to fixing the problem means that uncertainty reigns: “The sooner that uncertainty is eliminated, the better. The stakes are very high in the fiscal policy decisions we’re going to have to make very shortly.” America must avoid the Fiscal Cliff! Read the whole thing.