Our Childrens Education in Peril

The state of American education is more than lamentable. We have a Higher Education Bubble some say is about to burst, sending our colleges and universities into bankruptcy. What can be worse than the fact that our young people who conform to the system and get degrees cannot find the jobs we promised they would qualify for? Then there is the intolerable burden of student loans-a scandalous trillion dollar bubble that may bring down our fragile economy. To this we add the awful test scores of our children in elementary education and the detestable curricula that we foist upon our unsuspecting children while hiding it from their parents. Can anyone doubt that it is long past the time when we, the People must take note of the fact that our world education ratings have fallen from the very top (USA was # 1, for decades) to the high teens of mediocrity, where they currently reside.

In this climate An Excellent Spirit asks how has this happened?

This, from Kyle Olson, Founder and CEO of Education Action Group Foundation, a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal of promoting sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo might provide some causes.

An Excellent Spirit knows you care about your children. We recommend this article and that we join in prayer and increased participation and vigilance. That is what we, the People must do for our children. Article Article